Dublin Minor Football League 2019

Does anybody know if the Minor Football League Fixtures have been published please?
i cant find them

Seems that only Div 1 fixtures have been released, not sure about the rest

Div 1:

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With matches in 2 weeks, not so great that the fixtures for other Minor divisions haven’t been released yet

Division 2 and Division 3 North also put up now.

Div 2: https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/136446

Div 3 North: https://www.dublingaa.ie/competitions/fixtures/136450

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Thanks very much, almost there :wink:

Yeah, not ideal

more up now

Yeah, seems to be all of them except the Division 5 North and South Leagues, all on page 7 of the fixtures

Watched a game in Ballymun this morning and was very disappointed with the Ballymun line and how they CLEARLY cheated several line ball calls.

Stevie wonder would have seen them…from space.

One of the Ballymun midfieders had a great pair of hands and cleaned up everything that came into midfield, head and shoulders above everyone.

Wheres Rochey?

Quick question. Are St. Paul’s and amalgamation of Scoil and O’Tooles at minor football level?

Sorry for late reply but yes they are