Dublin Minor Footballers 2016

Best of luck to Minors v Meath tomorrow @ 3pm in Navan. Would be nice to see Footballers & Hurlers progress.

Dublin 1-02 Meath 0-12 at half time

Going to need something special to pull this out of the fire .

Getting hammered 1-5 to 1-18😠

Said it last year, I’ll say it again, Paddy Christy is a very very average manager

Is there a backdoor in this?

Not sure what to say about that performance. 2nd best all over the pitch.

Beaten 1-18 to 2-05

Didn’t they beat Meath in Leinster football league only few weeks ago ??

Hard luck to all involved, I am sure everyone involved gave it there all.

But… That level of beating should never happen to a Dublin minor football team. There needs to be an in depth review of the minor set-up. Repeating the same thing next year without some sort of structural change would be an exercise in madness.

Glorified challenge games is all that is

100% agree, two bad beatings two years in a row in Leinster isn’t acceptable

It’s really not when you consider the pick of players we have. Being beaten does happen, being beaten by 10 shouldn’t. I can only assume there will be something different in place next year.

That’s a hiding. 19 scores to 7 is actually embarrassing. Who would have thought the no dual players policy would have exposed such a dearth of football talent over the last two years. No excuses. That simply shouldn’t happen. Although it does go a considerable distance to silencing those who think it’s all about numbers and money.

Has this defeat got anything to do with the manager forcing players to pick one code over the other? With some young lads these days being told that playing both codes at club level will effect their county chances a result like this makes nonsence of that theory

There is an element of chickens coming home to roost alright. In many ways it has done hurling a huge favour. Will that be to the detriment of football in the medium to kindly term? I don’t know. But it’s the way forward at county level in my view. The irony is that it has a much greater negative effect on football in the short term.

Definitely should not be losing games by that kind of margin - and certainly not in Leinster. Considering the structures we have, the development squads and the fact that the game has been on a high here for half a decade the last two years have been very poor. As outlined elsewhere Meath underage structures are very poor … and they can still hammer us. Hard to believe this is because of a one code policy? I know we have no divine right to win every year but hidings like that - and to Meath! - are not on.

I hate to sound like I am knocking young lads but we looked jaded. Like a team who left their best work on the training ground. Only bit of fight was shown in the last 2 mins. Meath just done the basics well, they always had a man off each shoulder whereas Dublin had to halt their runs due to no support. We were forced into or decided to hoof high balls into a 2 man full forward line.
Dublin camped in their own half with very little use of the wings we took the ball into contact in the middle and lost it more often than not. I think it was the system not the players who lost this one. I was hoping they would just revert back to how they would play for their clubs and just play it as you see it and not how it was drawn on a white board. Anyway I hope the players get over it soon they’re only young lads.

I’m in no position to agree or disagree but, if that is the case, allied to Dessie’s spell at U21, an obvious successor to Gavin would seem to be missing. Or maybe we just were lucky to have Gilroy do what he did in his spell at senior level while Gavin did what he did so well with the U21’s.

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For all the slack dessies been given he won 1 all Ireland minor and got to a final in his other year. Christie hasn’t even made a Leinster final in that time. Make no mistake this years team had a number of excellent footballers. 2 years in a row hammered when beaten. What the idea behind playing 2 big men inside (who should both be playing out the field) and hoofing ball into them was is beyond me.