Dublin Minor Hurlers 2016

Tough loss away to Wexford and a good win against Laois - is KK we have up next?

Big game today. A loss means a very good minor team go out too early.

A loss would really mark two wasted years of maybe the best minors we have ever had. I hope home advantage makes a difference but if the team lines out as selected I fear a sweeper. Didn’t work last year. Can’t see it working this year.

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3-2 to kk after 15 minutes

4-2 after 17 minutes

5-2 after 20 minutes, not looking good so far

6-2 after 22 :confused:

8-4 now, two frees, struggling by the sounds of it but not out of it

The amount of chances we have squandered is unbelievable. Have a bit of a breeze in the second half but we have to take out scores. Easily ten wides in the first half and only one point from play.

The backs are playing very well. Forwards need to step up now b

9-6 now, come on lads!

One point game!!! Hon Dublin

60th minute goal for Dublin to equalise!

Ends level, sounds like some effort in the second half. Extra time?

Yes. Had two chances to win it after the goal. Couldn’t take either. This is not a great KK team. There for the taking.

Hope we don’t end up regretting those misses, sounds like we’ve won more then enough ball to have won this in normal time.

Goal - dubs 3 ahead, keep it goin lads!

Halftime in extra time dubs lead by 4

Kilkenny goal, dubs lead by one :disappointed_relieved:

That’s a result Dublin 2-18 Kilkenny 1-19- any win v Kilkenny is to be appreciated & relished. Well done to everyone involved & thanks to DubMatchTracker on Twitter for the updates - kept me up to speed in Italy! :+1:t2:

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Huge huge win. Very important for Dublin hurling. Congrats to all involved.

Alan OC, fair play, you said this was a good team from a long time back!

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