Dublin Minor Hurling 2005

Leinster MHC final

Dublin 0-17 Wexford 0-12

DUBLIN: C McCormack; R Drumgoole, P Callaghan, E Walsh; K Dunne (0-1), T Brady, C Connolly; J Boland (0-3), J McCaffrey (0-4, one free); K O’Reilly (0-4, three frees), S Casey (0-2), J Maher; R O’Carroll (0-1), D O’Dwyer (0-1), S Durkin (0-1). Subs: S O’Rourke for Durkin (41 mins), C Twomey for Maher (47 mins).

WEXFORD: N Maher; C Power, C Lawlor, B O’Connor; R Griffin, G Sinnott, K Walsh; M Molloy, T Waters (0-1); C McGovern, B Travers, F O’Gorman (0-1); PJ Nolan (0-3), K Burke (0-6, all frees), D Redmond. Subs: J Codd (0-1) for Travers (20 mins), S Roche for McGovern (30 mins, inj), P Hughes for Molloy (55 mins).

Referee: D Connolly (Kilkenny).

Leinster MHC semi-final


DUBLIN minor hurlers provided a massive boost to morale when they beat reigning Leinster Minor Hurling champions Kilkenny in this pulsating provincial semi-final at Dr Cullen Park, Carlow, yesterday.

The game looked destined for a replay when Ritchie Hogan pointed a free to make the scores 1-16 to 4-7 in injury time, but from the puck-out Dublin forced a line cut from 45 metres range. Kevin O’Reilly’s splendid line ball was fielded by Dublin full forward Declan O’Dwyer who crashed the ball to the Kilkenny net for the winning score.

The winners were inspired by centre-back Tomas Brady, while John McCaffrey, Kevin O’Reilly, Joey Maher, Ross O’Carroll, Shane Dorkin and O’Dwyer were also prominent in this fully merited win.

SCORERS - Dublin: R O’Carroll 1-2, S Dorkin 0-4, J Maher, J McCaffrey (1f) 0-3 each, 0-1 '65, D O’Dwyer 1-0, K O’Reilly 0-2 (1f, 1 line cut), C Twomey and S Casey 0-1 each. Kilkenny: R Hogan 2-3 (2f), TJ Reid 1-1, E Cody 1-0, M Bergin 0-2, P Doheny 0-1.

Dublin: C McCormack, R Drumgoole, P Callaghan, E Walsh, K Dunne, T Brady, C Connolly, J Boland, J McCaffrey, K O’Reilly, C Twomey, J Maher, R O’Carroll, D O’Dwyer, S Dorkin. Subs: S Casey for Twomey, S Murphy for Callaghan, S Bennett for O’Carroll.

Kilkenny: C McGrath, B Healy, K Joyce, N Walsh, N Prendergast, R Dollard, S Campion, J Farrell, P Hogan, M Bergin, P Doheny, T J Reid, E Cody, R Hogan, M Ruth. Subs: E O’Shea for Campion, J Mulhall for Doheny.

Referee: S Whelan (Wexford)

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Does Peter Callaghan play with Lucan anymore?

I think he was Lucan. That S.Dorkin was a good player tho.

Ah yes. The team that didn’t need Diarmuid Connolly :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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think it’s interesting to look back at this old teams, no one suggesting TJ Reid and Richie Hogan are over the hill.

I hope no one is suggesting Diarmuid is either.

Might be very interesting to see what six months of inter county training might do for him.

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I didn’t mean he was - but a few people are trying to write off some of the lads on those Dublin teams - like logans run or something.

Not one of that team starting for Dublin anymore.

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Played 5 a side with Eoin Walsh for a while . So did yoda. Only game in Dublin with a Leinster minor winner and an inter galactic guru playin in it. Beat that hombres.

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Conor Connolly was a really good hurler . Used to run club games from a very young age .

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had forgotten about Connolly, he was captain i think? Yerman Dunne as well, from isles? was a serious hurler.

Is he still playing with Liffey Gaels? I think he tried to transfer to Towers?

Keith Dunne played with Isles

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He tried to transfer to towers but was refused . He took a year out and went to Kevin’s . No longer living in Dublin.

He was a good footballer too. Was on Dublin minor football team? Is he playing down the country?