Dublin Minor Hurling 2021

Looks like Dublin and Wexford have a bye to the quarter finals which will be played on the 14th of July.

Kilkenny and Offaly are straight through to the semi finals which are to be played on the 21st if July


I’ve no idea what kind of team Dublin will have this year to be honest, but thought I’d start a thread anyway!

It’s been a tough year or two for these young lads, so it’ll be great for them to get a chance to represent the Dubs. It’ll be good for auld lads like myself to have another team to follow too


How are Antrim & Down in Leinster?

Part of the Brexit deal. All counties on the Eastern seaboard can play in the Championship. It’s a no-borders thingy. Apparently Barnier was very keen for Antrim and Down to play in Leinster.




At least it won’t be played on a bog in a storm, well, with the summer so far it could be I suppose.

Seem to remember a Couple of lads stood out last year, we were going well until the red card. Commanding CHB & very direct corner forward. Dunno if they’re overage this year or what.

Corner forward is underage, very good prospect.

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Believe Minors had a very healthy win down in Ennis today.


This is hurling country :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not such a waste of good ash after all


Won well I believe, only traveled with 22, Clare had over 30 players and all got a run.

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Can’t find a link but it looks like Antrim have conceded to Meath and Meath now face Dublin in the Leinster Q-F.

Haven’t heard much about the minors . Rated highly ?

Two or three very good players anyways, whether that’s enough to go on a run who knows. Had a good challenge win in clare the other day.

Playing Meath on Wednesday

Meath v Dublin 14.7.2021 Pairc Tailteann, Navan 7.30pm

Is this being streamed anywhere anyone know?

Meath GAA I’d say.

Two really good forwards. One is young.

Which side of the Liffey ?