Dublin Minors 2023

Any idea who’ll make the minor team this year ?
Are they any good ?

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Development grade really now at Under 17, the sooner they get back to Under 18 the better

Youre usually a good man for the squad lists Vinnie?


He’s itching to share one

Ryan Mitchell Shane Mullarkey Lenny Cahill Sam Forde will be leading the way

that is a long name

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Can you add to it

Luke O’Boyle under 17?

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He’s over I think . Clontarf have 2 good players
Harry Digan and Joe Sheppard . I don’t know
If they’re close .
Joe Barker Josh Young and Cillian Clarke from Castleknock 3 more

What about Windy Sheppard Henderson

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Alex Dunne from Thomas Davis another guy. Good player

He is :+1::+1:

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Eoghan Costello St.Jude’s and
Harry Curley St.Vincent’s
Should make the panel

Who over the minor team this year?

Sherlock hardly still involved with this team? . Heard brendan o brien was involved. Not 100% sure

Sherlock managed the 2019 minor team. Was he involved with this group as well?

It was mentioned to me. Maybe its not the case anymore now thats hes with westmeath. Was told brendan o brien from trinity was involved aswell.

Clontarf guy , cant think of his name but havent seen him involved before

Think he’s with the u20s

Dublin minor management team for 2023