Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018

I read that this team are being managed by Jayo. Have they shown the potential to stop Kerry and the ‘drive for five’?

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Technically the drive for five was stopped this year when Tyrone won the U17 competition, which would have been minor next year only for the change.

The 16 club championship was very competitive this year. Should be a good team. But it’s always very hard to predict at this level.

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I suppose your right. I wonder will the management allow dual players. The ban has not worked out so far, apart from this year’s minors.

Worked out fine as far as I’m concerned. Time for both codes to stand on their own and for us to develop both codes equally. Winning at minor is irrelevant. Even more so now that it’s U17. All about getting two or three players through in each code each year.

With Sherlock as manager here, does that mean he is no longer involved in the senior set up?

Sure he was managing the u.16s this year aswell.

I’m sure managing the minor squad would be on a whole different scale in terms of workload, commitment and time in comparison with the 16s.

Hard to see him do both

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Lot more difficult alright and spotlight would be on Jayo more with minors

Good team there

Jake Turley and Simon Murphy good keepers.

Josh Bannon Ciaran Foley David Bohan Senan Forker Conor O’Brien
Liam Smith Karl Morgan Euan Farquarson Mark Le Strange Enda Cashman
Shane O’Leary Ryan Murphy Noel Hatton Rory Dwyer good backs

Ciaran McManus Adam Fearon Liam McGovern Ciaran Hogan Fionn Gibbons midfielders

Cillian Stynes Matthew Dunne Sean Foran Matt Grogan Conor Hennessy Liam Fenton
Sean Guiden Eoin Adamson Conor Murray Joe Leech Tomas O’Neill Conor Guilfoyle
in the forwards

Is that the panel or a call if your own ??

Some of those lads are on both hurling and football and will probably end up dropping one …

I see One definite dual player who is way more likely to go the hurling route iif forced. I suspect its not to be the panel

Jesus @Lostcause you must have the fattest fingers ever …

One already has. Others have been dropped.

Our friend has form when it comes to lashing up lists of players with little to no info or comment of his own.

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No harm giving it a lash…

But a deal of it is just waffle.

In fairness if no waffle was a condition, I’d have been banned a long time ago…:grinning:

On a side note - condolences on the loss of your ex colleague at Ard S - Gerry was a great guy.

He was indeed. One of the better ones

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Has anyone got the fixtures list for the Championship ?

Electric Ireland Leinster G.A.A. Football Minor Championship 2018

Group 1: Louth, Dublin, Meath, Westmeath, Offaly, Wicklow
Group 2: Wexford, Kildare, Carlow, Laois, Longford
Group 1 – Round 1

  1. Dublin v Louth 7.5.2018
  2. Westmeath v Meath 7.5.2018
  3. Wicklow v Offaly 7.5.2018
    Group 1 – Round 2
  4. Offaly v Westmeath 23.5.2018
  5. Meath v Dublin 23.5.2018
  6. Louth v Wicklow 23.5.2018
    Group 1 – Round 3
  7. Wicklow v Westmeath 30.5.2018
  8. Offaly v Dublin 30.5.2018
  9. Louth v Meath 30.5.2018
    Group 1 – Round 4
  10. Westmeath v Louth 27.6.2018
  11. Meath v Offaly 27.6.2018
  12. Dublin v Wicklow 27.6.2018
    Group 1 – Round 5
  13. Offaly v Louth 3.7.2018
  14. Wicklow v Meath 3.7.2018
  15. Westmeath v Dublin 3.7.2018
    Group 2- Round 1
  16. Kildare v Wexford 7.5.2018
  17. Laois v Longford 7.5.2018
    Carlow Bye
    Group 2 – Round 2
  18. Wexford v Laois 23.5.2018
  19. Carlow v Kildare 23.5.2018
    Longford Bye
    Group 2 – Round 3
  20. Laois v Carlow 30.5.2018
  21. Longford v Wexford 30.5.2018
    Kildare Bye
    Group 2 – Round 4
  22. Kildare v Laois 27.6.2018
  23. Carlow v Longford 27.6.2018
    Wexford Bye
    Group 2 – Round 5
  24. Wexford v Carlow 3.7.2018
  25. Longford v Kildare 3.7.2018
    Laois Bye
    A. Winners Group 1 v Runners Up Group 2 7.7.2018
    B. Winners Groups 2 v Runners Up Group 1 7.7.2018
    FINAL Winners A v Winners B 14/18.7.2018

A. 3rd Group 1 v 4th Group 2 7.7.2018
B 3rd Group 2 v 4th Group 1 7.7.2018
SHIELD FINAL A v B 14/18.7.2018