Dublin Mount Rushmore

Has anyone been following these shows on Off The Ball?

They’ve gone through a rake of counties, has been interesting finding out about the best of other counties.

Laois in particular had some serious stars (Tommy Murphy, Pat Critchley & Zach Tuohy) for a small county was very impressed with those names

Who would yous pick for a Dublin Mt Rushmore (4 names only)

I’ve gone with 2 GAA, 1 Soccer & 1 Rugby

  1. Kevin Heffernan- Won an all ireland as a player, won many many championships with Vincents, selected on team of the millennium, took Dublin GAA from the wilderness as a manager and delivered all ireland titles and reignited the game in the capital.

  2. Stephen Cluxton- Enough said really.

  3. Paul McGrath- Grew up in Orphanages in Dublin, tough being mixed race growing up in that era. He’s Irelands only ever PFA Player of the year, arguably Irelands greatest ever soccer player, played with Manchester United and in truth I haven’t seen an awful lot of him live due to my age. For a city that has a huge soccer community he seems to me the strongest candidate

  4. Brian O’Driscoll- The best Irish rugby player ever, was top 3 at least in the world in his peak. Record try scorer, Lions captain and glittering career for Leinster including Heinken Cups. Seems a pretty straightforward pick as well.

Anyone else have any thoughts ?

Yeah. Been following them. It’s a pretty decent show considering it’s OTB.

Couldn’t argue with that really, even though leaving a 5 in a row winning manager off seems mad. He didn’t have the stellar playing career than Heffo did though & I think that’s their criteria for allowing managers on the mountain.

Some other Dubs worth considering from other sports might include:

Olympic Gold medalists Ronnie Delaney & Michael Carruth.
Chairman of the Boards & World Champion athlete Eamonn Coughlan.
World Champion & 2 Grand Tour winner Stephen Roche.

Didn’t hear the show so not sure of the conditions of qualifying, would Eddie Jordan make it, being the 1st Irish man to lead a F1 team and to win Grand Prix?

Who would you take off though to make room for
any of them?

That’s where it gets tricky?

The criteria are fairly loose. Select your counties 4 greatest sports men or women to be carved into the side of a mountain.

Won’t get 2 GAA on it. You’ve Harrington too should be on it.

Dublin Show hasn’t been done yet,

OTB are obsessed with Rugby so possible a 2nd rugby male or female could get in ahead of one of the GAA ones

The merits of achievements in international sports versus home grown ones, seem to be the biggest debating point in every counties selection.

Or all your high achievers having 4 legs if you’re from Kildare. :laughing:

Good choices

I’d be happy to see that.

But I’d have Gavin up there instead of Cluxton

Gavin’s medal haul across his managerial career is phenomenal. It’s not half bad as a player either but his overall contribution both as a player and manager has him ahead of Cluxton for me.

The work Gavin did at underage coming away with 3 medals, 6 at senior and 1 as a player.

Not mentioning Leinster and League gold

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Well O’Driscoll is nailed on.

For soccer, while McGrath would be my favourite player, the most successful Dubliner is probably Ronnie Whelan, followed by Johnny Giles

As for GAA, obviously Heffo & Clux are serious contenders while Jim Gavin has to be included in any conversation. How about someone that unlike the previous 3, has never lost a championship game, Brian Fenton?

In truth there’s no right answer but would make for a great discussion among mates over a few pints some night

O Driscoll

cant choose between Gavin Cluxton so wont

Is Katie Taylor Dublin or Wicklow ,you Know Bray , if a Dub well up there

O Driscoll

Accept that Roche won’t make it because of certain cloud over drugs.

Katie pure Wickla’ I reckon.

Katie was first name on Wicklahs

Ken Doherty
Stephen Roche

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Delany is from Wickla

Big fan of snooker

What Ken achieved was incredible

A very difficult game to master with a high level of skill required and for him to become WC and be so highly regarded in the sport is something thst deserves that level of acknowledgement

Big shout out to Harrington too. Back to back Open wins… enough said. 3 time Major winner, current Ryder Cup captain with a great career in that tournament as a player

She’s dead to me


Think she’s flying the Wicklow flag although you don’t get much more Dub than her mother.

So like our country cousins do we get to claim her?

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Only if she wins