Dublin Mount Rushmore


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No GAA , I struggled putting only one in , If I had my way wed do Mount Rushmore other Sports and Howth Head four great Dubs


Ha… good idea

I’d just use the whole cliff face to depict Roddy Collins.

Conor McGregor
Anthony Stokes
Michelle Smith (Di Bruin)
Eoin Morgan
Alternative four


Bit harsh on Morgan no??

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I was struggling for number four in that list open to a swap


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Any consideration given to sportspeople from any other codes is out of sheer magnanimity, nothing else.

Conor McGregor
Gemma O’Doherty
Bertie Ahern
Pugboy because we love him so dearly.

Some of the Mount Rushmores for other counties are worth a look…

Mayo must really have been struggling to have to include Kevin Kilbane.

Cork’s is impressive - Roy, Sonia, Ring and O’Gara.

So is Down’s - Rory McIlroy, Pat Jennings, Sean O’Neill and George Best. Best grew up in Cregagh, East Belfast which apparently is in Co. Down,

Stephen Ireland didnt make it for Cork , surprise they love a rebel

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From listening to other counties Mt Rushmore’s, it’s not just about who was the best athlete or who won the most medals etc etc. It’s about who do people feel most proud of, or feel the most love for, or feel that X person represents their county & what they stand for the best, hence wanting them up on their Mt Rushmore, if that makes sense.

Ronnie Whelan may have won more medals than Paul McGrath, but do Dubs love him as much? Nope.

Eddie Irvine may have excelled on the world stage, Michael Carruth may have won the biggest prize of all…but have Dubs embraced them as much as they have Eamon Coughlan or Jimmy Keavney, for example? Methinks not.

As you were.

Ronnie Delaney is from Arkla

Runs to do ninja edit…

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Its a hard choice.

Roche, Always remember being on the hill when he won the TDF, they announced over the dodgy tannoy system and the crowd started singing theres on one Stephen Roche, when one of our own on the hill pipes up, yiz can fcuk right off, hes a bleedin Dub. Great day.

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Bomber costello
Jim Gavin
Steve Collins.

McGregor has declined to be included unless he is on all 4

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Dont think that clown knows where Croker is.

Take the R out and he’d recognise it