Dublin opt out of the O'Byrne Cup

Dublin have opted out of the O’Byrne Cup, this means the new Manger will get extra time to work with the players before his first game in charge against Kerry on January the 25th.

Unfortunately for us fans it means a few weeks longer of a wait until the 1st game next year.


Disappointing, felt a few club players impressed enough to get an opportunity in this competition

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Yea surprised also, I thought we had used it well the last few years tbh.

What’s their source? Typical Hogan Stand prob plagiarizing it as usual from Malachy Clerkin’s article this morning in the IT


Dublin have NOT opted out of the O Byrne Cup. Like last year they have received a bye into the semi-final to be played on January 11th. This opted out nonsense is the product of lazy journalism.


Makes more sense

It supports the injured players fund and it and Kenna in Ulster brings in a lot of money, Dublin should certainly not opt out as their games will be big gate, apart from benefits to squad,

terrible journalism yet again if it is the case Dublin still in it

Dublin have made good use of this competition in recent seasons

Longford beating Kildare 2:14 to 0:14

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Longford have a long and glorious history of taking some pretty big scalps.

(And Kildare’s.)


Finished longford 2:14 Kildare 0:14. The flourbags hemorrhaging money into a Kerry “maestro” has started as it will inevitably end, with defeat. Rather than looking to their most successful neighbour’s for inspiration, they scream disadvantage and are bitter towards their success.

The fact that the kings of the OBC were beaten at home today by mighty Longford was a terrible shock fo all lovers of this great competition. Kildare will very rightly blame, and they have traditionally done this over many many years, this shock loss on the one & very obvious cause of all their defeats, under performances, their need to abuse & misuse all their resources on miserable, bitter mercenary managers, and all woes within and beyond football, and the focus of this blame will of course be Dublin GAA.

You just gotta love Kildare GAA and their delusions & desperation! :rofl::rofl:

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