Dublin Panel 2018

So it’s onto next year now. There shouldn’t be any retirements. It’s been an amazing run. The greatest team in the history of the GAA in my opinion. So the question is who will Gavin bring in and what areas if any can they improve.

Mayo, Kerry and Tyrone I’m sure can’t wait to get another crack at us. Gavin is very good at giving youth a chance so I expect some of the u21s from this year to play in the league.

I think some of the older players like Cluxton and Brogan and Flynn should get a break for the early part of the League.


Relax on this one, let’s enjoy fully what we’ve achieved before talking about next year.


Topic re-opened

I’d love to see JG have open trials over december to try and unearth a few bodies. These could be lads that might have gone under the radar or ones that might have been late bloomers(ala Fenton).

I know JG and his management team know all of the under age players coming through but it might do no harm to mix it up a bit by opening out the trials to lads that are a bit older 22-25 age bracket.

Does anyone think this would be worthwhile or are all the best players on the panel at the moment?

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If your not “in the family” at the moment as regards minor/u21 teams, then I cant see ya get a run come February. Things have evolved so much in the last 6 or 7 years re selection

Anyway not a pile to go on based on SFC. I’d be more looking to lads already there in the background - Howard McHugh Costello etc

Yeah, it’s very difficult for lads who didn’t get much game time under age to break in alright. There is plenty of scope for improvement within the current set up with the likes of Costello, Con, Howard, Scully and Lowndes.

I hope Paddy Small will get plenty of game time early in the O’Bynre Cup and League, obviously that can only happen if Vins beat Mun. Others around the same age are Comerford, Basquel and Murchan. Personally I think Murchan will find it very difficult to make that jump into the team due to competition and his size unfortunately.

I would imagine the approach to the O’Byrne Cup will be similar to last year, I haven’t seen many bolters outside of last years 21s and this years fringe players.

It’s mad that Costello only played one competitive game for the dubs between two cameo all Ireland final appearances - he was injured this year to be fair

Great that Berno and Flynner are making themselves available next year -interesting to see if MDMA will also

Is Paddy Small eligible for u20 or whatever it is next year?

O’Byrne Cup Final Team
E Comerford; R McGowan, E O’Brien, J Smith; R Gaughan, C Reddin, C Mullally; J Whelan, R Hazley; N Scully, S Boland, N Walsh; C McHugh, S Cunningham, P Hudson.

Subs: E Ó Conghaile for Hazley, C Basquel for Boland, T Shiels for Mullally, G Sweeney for Walsh, K O’Gara for Cunningham, S Newcombe for Whelan, R O’Brien for McHugh.

U21s Cup Final Team
E Comerford; D Byrne, S McMahon, D Monaghan; C O’Shea, E Murchan, C Murphy; A Foley, B Howard; D O’Brien, G O’Reilly, A Byrne; T Fox, C O’Callaghan, C Basquel.

Subs: D Gavin for Foley (13, inj), D Spillane for Fox (39), C Sallier for O’Reilly (45), A McGowan for McMahon (60), P Small for Basquel (61), S Smith for Byrne (62).

Of the lads above not currently involved with the seniors there are only a few that might improve the 26 and all seem to be forwards. Obviously there is plenty of time for the 21s to improve and generally defenders get better with age so no panic.

One not listed there that was a very good minor is Elliot from Ballymun, not sure if he was injured for the final or just didn’t get on. I know he was a sub for most of the campaign.

It will be interesting to see the match-ups in the middle next Monday between Vins and Mun. Vins have been going with Mullins and Galvin who are both very mobile so you would imagine Mullins will take McCarthy and Galvin will be on Elliot given the age and experience similarities.

I know exactly what you mean, im thinking of lads like Daly, O’Gara and Mick Fitz who made more of a name for themselves with the Dublin juniors rather than underage teams.

Surely there has to be a few lads like these in the club scene or am i just being too hopeful?

You’ve little or no chance if you haven’t played minor and u21 for Dublin . These guys are better skilled and better conditioned and have a massive advantage over those that aren’t in the net
The only lok ky additions will Be from the u21 team bar Paddy small
Likely to be Aaron Byrne , Declan Gavin , Brian Howard , basquel and Small . Hard to see many others

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So we reckon the days of the late bolter a la Denis Bastick are gone … alas. Wouldn’t it be great to see a guy break into the squad at 25/26/27 or so … BFL7 maybe …


I think with the money that has been invested in finding and developing young players the chances are very very slim. Some would say impossible but I wouldn’t go quite that far.
There is always the chance of the odd late developer or a lad who didn’t quite make it in soccer or rugby that has bags of ability, but they would be an exception to the rule at this stage.

Denis had at least played juniors and was on the senior panel under caffrey . I think now it’s almost impossible
Shane Carthy from vins is a really good player for example but is probably missing that slight skills refinement he’d have got with the Dublin underage teams

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Did you have to say that? Spewan and Breheny will be all over your post like flies on shite.

Can’t see mdma sticking around nxt year, Howard, o Reilly from na fianna and Murphy from Davis, would like to see them get a run nxt year

I reckon he will. Had a bad injury for the bulk of ‘pre season’ last year.

All it shows is money spent wisely rather than on a state of the art facility for average players