Dublin Panel 2018

Mc Hugh is more skilful in my opinion.

Mc Hugh had one poor game against Monaghan and was excommunicated after that. He had some really good games in the league last year
He cam on against Carlow and did well when most others did nothing and he was never seen again. I’d hope he gets more of a run this year.

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I agree and would place McHugh well ahead of Killian O’Gara…

but doctors differ etc

I would agree he is more skillful alright, I would just like to see how the younger O’Gara’s game translates to senior inter county. Think he has a bit about him, he was very impressive for 21s before his injury.

If you were a Paul Hudson, Robbie McDaid or Gerry Seaver type player and Kildare/Meath came hunting for you with money, would you say there’d be an interest.

You’d wonder with the abundance of talent we have will we see some of the B & C tier players siphon off to other counties.

Depends on the individual, but I would say lads switching would be minimal.
Imagine Colm O’Rourke’s reaction then?! Taking the place of a Meath man would not go down well

A lot of these players it’s just pure luck . One managers opinion . Very little between them and some current players in the top 26

Sure he’s a Leitrim man and it never worried him…

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Were the Meath shower not moaning when a Dub lad chose to play for Dublin instead of Meath not so long ago

Clive O’Reilly’s young lad probably …Didn’t treat his dad too well after all the success he brought them …

What happened there @Dub09 ?

I was on about a current a current Na Fianna player who transferred from Donaghmore at the start of the year

Shane Clayton as well.

Can’t find the article or where I read it but basically the Da started managing his underage team and they won titles all the way up - incl Féile I think - and then when they got to U16 someone else was given the reins with little or no consultation.

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Sorry about that, wrong choice of word!

Can’t comment on Gerry ad I haven’t seen him play in years. The other two very unlucky in my opinion

You’d imagine these lads have always wondered about testing themselves on the biggest stage.

As I said it would be interesting if other leinster counties came looking.

Seaver still a class act

Gerry Seaver is playing great stuff with Boughal again this year. I think his size probably goes against him at the top level but a good footballer without doubt.

Don’t think it’s size . Not sure where you’d play him at inter county . Underage he played a lot at wing back

He came on at wing forward in the All Ireland U-21 win against Roscommon and did well. Played there in the semi too as far as I can remember and usually plays there for his club.
His size doesn’t necessarily stop him from being a decent footballer, but similar to Alan Hubbard when he played for Dublin, other teams exploited his size on their kickouts which kind of negated the good things he could do when he was on the ball.
I’m not saying I think Gerry should be on the Dublin panel ahead of those that are there, was just replying to the post about where he was now.

That’s the thing about this Dublin team. You can’t argue against many of the lads that are there

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