Dublin Panel 2018

Little to add as i dont know the club scene as well as once (taking the south american father in law to county final​:grin:) but lookin at whats there, i really feel when it comes down to crunch next year that maxi will play majority of semi and final. Its proven beyond doubt at this stage that no backline can handle him (never mind them goals!!!:laughing::laughing::wink:).


I think Howard will get a big change to prove himself this year, I base this on the way he went straight from the 21s to being on the 26 for the seniors. Small had a very impressive championship (except for the final), and that should earn him a shot also. Killian O Gara was absolutely fabulous for the U21 until his injury, we would have won it that year if he had stayed fit, if he comes back to that sort of form he is a possible. The likes of Basquel and McHugh might not break through in front of guys that are there, but could come after them. When Brogan, Flynn and O Gara retire, guys will come in, either to the team or the panel.

Foley might have a shot, he has the size now, so they don’t have to wait on him maturing physically. Byrne could be the new Kevin Mc, but might have to wait.

So there are lots of possibilities, but for next year I think Howard will come and maybe Small.

Completely agree, not sure how he slipped my mind originally. He is a fantastic player.

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He’s a very good player . Fantastic is reserved for those who have already made it :blush:

Potential to be fantastic.
That okay Mr. Pedantic?


This thread is not about player’s extra curricular activities so let’s save the speculation etc for somewhere else TYVM & as it’s an ongoing process, let’s be careful with what we’re saying please.

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Let’s face it … this is the big one … and we get the group of debt …

Why is a Meath man holding the OBC as if they are the holders? Why is he being used to promote the competition - it’s like getting Jacob Zumba to promote the 2023 World Cup

Anyone know who anyone else is … incl the Bernard Brogan hired-in lookalikes …

Home and away?

That useless lump Burke . People will probably give out there were no Dublin reps in the picture .

Pressures on Gavin now…ultimately, it was his failure in the o Byrne cup that tainted gilroys reign…if he doesn’t bring us fenway and Walsh cup glory first time round his hurling tenure will be deemed a disaster in my book…
If Jim can’t put two obyrne cups in a row together, all his other ‘achievements’ will be soon forgotten


@turbo But the pressure was so great last year that I heard Jim didn’t sleep for weeks before the OBC. His GP examined him and he was diagnosed with OCD for the OBC. His missus said he needed TLC not UCD so rather than him go OTT she phoned PC on the QT and the rest is history.


And don’t forget the OMG from the linear champions when our third team KO their first team and all us ressers LOL at the flour bags. They said it was FUBAR.

Jacob Zumba? He’d be a bit old for that carry on would he not? (Zumba that is, not promoting a world cup).

So we don’t play out first game until January 3rd

Won’t be much pressure on Jim and the Lads on January 3rd because they will be away on team holiday.

Where are they going ?

I see a few of them are in NYC at moment with SAM

More sam than SAM possibly, going to Boston next

South Africa this year.