Dublin Panel 2018

Begley , Alan mulhall at back and kieron Martin on left , not sure other lad maybe kikdare midfieder

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This is what they are up to tonight in New York. Well deserved. Being held in a bar owned by an Isles man

Open bar …$120 :rofl::rofl:. Dinner thrown in as well .Though I’d still pay it myself , would be a great piss up .Will some of that money be going back to the lads , like a fund raiser or something ?
Did that isles man have a stint in New Orrlans ?

I’d imagine not directly but their travel and expenses would be well sorted out. Usually about 10 players and management head over. and are well hosted .

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By who , the dcb or by the bar ?

i’d say the DCB work it all out with the Friends of Dublin/Bars etc and come up with a deal to have a bunch of lads flown over on an all expenses trip

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Good stuff & the lads deserve it .■■■■ , I’d love to be over there , would be brilliant :blush:

Team holiday fund.

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Well if ya got a 100 people there’s 12K say .Open bar til 12am , wonder what time the place will close at :blush:.
Wonder do these things get big crowds over there ?

Gooch will be envious.

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And none of it going to charity either :joy:

I see that Dennis bastick has retired. No surprises there, but I’d like to wish him the best. He was a real warrior for the Dubs.

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Bernard staying around for next season, according to an interview he gave out at the Asian games. Great to hear! :sunglasses:


Yes it is!

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Was at it - Great night - from what i remember - had a good run at the free bar drinking pints - despite having a skinful before it - i was tender the next day

place was jammed - all proceeds from the door went to the Dubs.

Was chatting to someone over there and was asking a ball park figure on what some of the friends of Dublin Gaa put up to get the lads over - she told me the figure which i’m not popping up here - but fair play to them for raising that amount.

Great spot if your ever over in the big apple.

The lads were off to Chicago after 2 nights in NYC.

There was another few over in Boston at the hurling - Jayo had a book launch there at one of the boozers (with not a book in sight)

Fenway was freezing cold , stuck it out for the first two matches but left behind the $12 pints for cheaper ones in a bar beside the ground.

Fenway is a kip as well , seats like the old hogan stand. which my hoop barely fitted in so don’t know how the fat Americans sit there for the baseball.


Excellent stuff , I’m glad that’s the way they did it . When everyone chips in , the rewards are greater , which is what the gaa community is all about .
I’d say they got a great welcome :blush:

Good picture from the Boston visit

Thankfully they seem to be on first name basis these days with the lads - so they get great welcomes
the lads were merry and in great form , Fenton gave us Sam for a few snaps and when we went to give it back he told us we were doing a good job minding it !

I understand why Jim Gavin speaks so little to the media - as he has enough talking done to the people at these events - chap did not stop speaking to anyone and everyone who wanted to talk to him the whole night. he was thankful of all the support they get as he apologised for not waving at me up in ballybofey when i was waving at him earlier in the year !!!

Great few days had, and now back to work in warm but wet ireland


yeah a quieter affair up in Boston - we headed into that but it was a bit too quite so headed off elsewhere early enough

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Glad you enjoyed it young man.

Them seats are extra large :joy::joy: