Dublin Place Name quiz

6 . The iveagh house
9 12th lock

18ā€¦ Beaumont house

  1. Horseshoe bar, shelbourne hotel

Looks good to me witty.
The one I have has 30ā€¦!

16ā€¦ Waterloo

  1. Exchequer bar( is that even a pub!)

ā– ā– ā– ā–  that, if I can only get 2 out of 20 Iā€™m not embarrassing myself with another 10 pubs!! :joy:


Is that not a cow no?

  1. Searsons

Yeh I meant number 12!

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  1. Baggot inn

phew! :sweat_smile:

I was worried about your eyes for a second there :joy:


Is 1 supposed to be Macturcaills

  1. Black lion

7 Bull & Castle
20 Coachmans Inn

Think 8 is Davy Byrnes

Meant 20

  1. Foggy dew
    17 Czech inn