Dublin player and mgmt records

Gavin wins his sixth All Ireland in seven years managing Dublin.

Cluxton, Mick fitz, Cian, MDMA, James mc, Philly, Kevin mc now have 7 all Ireland medals,

Costello Kilkenny, Lowndes and others have 6 all Ireland’s despite only being 25 or 26.

The Tidy Towns is next up, I’d say! After that, Damo Dempsey will be targeting the Eurovision! Then we will have won everything!


Dependinf on how they are counted Berno and O Gara have 7 too

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Jamesy and Clucko the only ones to start every AI since 11?

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I hope most of those with 7 stay on. The incentive to go and match the record of eight medals will surely be enough to see most of them do go one more year.

Yep thats bang on, 9 matches in total because of the replays. Both have started all of them