Dublin players and the media

Frustratiing to see Dublin Players confined to set piece interviews where its all about generalties. Everyone knows GAA interviews in Dublin are as tightly controlled as professional sports yet we are in a non professional game??

It’s part of the process


Same for all GAA inter county players. Treated like children. And then we wonder why journalists are always trying to stir it. It’s the only way many of them can make a living. Just another aspect of the “manager is all” thing the GAA has allowed to develop.

The blame lies with the journos. They often misquote or take comments out of context or ask leading questions designed to get a quote that will give them a story which will run for days. The newer reporters are only interested in the big story with no concern for the inexperienced interviewee.
Players are under no obligation to make themselves available for interviews and the behaviour of certain journalists has caused this problem for the majority good and bad. Only themselves to blame.


You do understand the purpose of journalism?

Any examples of what you’re giving out about?

The purpose of journalism is to give an accurate account of what happens or of what is said. There are many many examples of where this did not happen. Your dislike of managers would appear to blinding you to this fact in a GAA context.

Again. Can I have some examples please.

I agree that players are totally free not to speak to the media. But the opposite should be true as well.

You need to be paid well to be misquoted in my view

Philly and Kev Mc have done some great interviews in the last couple of years, where they were talking about their lives off the pitch, not on it. Jim Gavin doesn’t seem to have a problem with those kind of interviews. Kev Mc’s interview (with Malachy Clerkin, I think) was especially good. Journos like Clerkin aren’t going to dick Kev or the Dubs around, just to flog a few more papers. But he is probably in the minority, so I don’t blame Gavin for keeping them all on a tight leash, when it comes to talking about the team, our games, our opponents etc etc. Not in these days of click bait journalism, where things can snowball very quickly.

All a bitchy tabloid journo with an itchy trigger finger needs, is a couple of ill chosen words and hey presto, we find ourselves mirred in a media $hit storm that does no one any good. Jim Gavin himself found that out the hard way last year, when he gave Parkinson an interview after the Armagh kerfuffle. He won’t be making that mistake ever again.

I always thought the purpose of journalism was to present impartial facts and not opinion pieces? Or am I mixing that up? Name 5 impartial gaa journos that don’t have herd mentatlity and recycle the same argument different times of the week. I don’t blame any county manager controlling the interview because any throwaway remark will be used agai st them. And I know your brother is in the profession but I have met and dealt with enough of them over the years to realise that ‘making a living’ is not an excuse to some of the crap that’s written. personally the obsession of newspapers having saps like billy Keane and ex players ‘opinions’ have diluted the chances of potential new Sean morans.

Then you have missed the point. Journalists have been writing opinion pieces for centuries. That you disagree with them does not make them less entitled to express themselves.

The GAA’s attitude to journalists and journalism was well described in a comment by a famous writer no longer practicing. ‘We are not supposed to be cheerleaders’. The attitude to Parkinson’s quite corredt pursuit of Jim Gavin over something that had been totally covered up tells you all you need to know.

Well Alan I prefer objective journalism that’s fair and balanced rather than the subjective. And Parkinson is neither a journalist or objective but CAUC, any guy that can allow one of his podcast guest state ‘■■■■ dublin’ to a cheering crowd is only there for the belly tickling.

Fair and balanced? Like Fox News :joy::joy::joy:.

Commentators are journalists, like it or not. And if you don’t like it then ignore him.

Well that’s me told.

I’m not going to get into specific examples just to please you. There are so many examples of where a perfectly innocent remark has been twisted to become a headline story. It is also worth noting that while many players and managers have a difficulty with print media the same does not apply with radio or t.v. Media where the conversation is available for all to hear.

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The issue is that it is an amateur sport so no player or manager owes the media time or access. If journalists want access it is up to them to provide the player or manager with a convincing argument why they should get it. Clearly they are not doing this successfully at the moment.

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Great Kev Mc interview piece by Kieran Shannon. It wasn’t Malachy Clerkin.

It’s a shame we don’t get to read more of this kind of stuff . But it’s risky business. One misplaced word or comment, or poorly thought out answer to an unprinted question, taken out of context & it’s a different story.

So many. But you can’t even give me one.

Right so.

I agree. There’s loads of interesting players with plenty to say for themselves but we don’t hear it because of the fear of… what exactly? Would Mayo somehow gain a two point advantage on us if Kevin Mc said something mad like he thought the O’Sheas were actually not all that good? Diarmuid Connolly was refreshingly honest when he said that he did not regret pulling that Westmeath player down last year- the sky didn’t fall in. I know they can’t give hostages to fortune but…

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Exactly. Daft paranoia.