Dublin players and the media

It gets blown up by a sub editor . Into " dub slates Mayo " I don’t blame the players for saying nothing . They don’t get paid for it and a bad headline can have a major impact on their professional and personal lives .
Unfortunately some posters here think our county players who don’t get paid have an obligation to serve the community in every aspect of their life . They don’t .

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Lee Keegan’s frank interviews did him the world of good.

Newspapers are privately owned businesses whose sole aim is to make money. The more salacious the story the better chance of sales, therefore more advertising etc. Editors, owners set their own agendas etc so this more often than not rules out any objectivity before a word is written.

To hear a journalist talking about holding people to account in a job where the moral bar is lower than most others is just laughable. They are there to make money however they can but have absolutely no status anymore, if they ever had, in being the moral eyes and ears of the people.

Did you not get that job in the Indo?

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Methinks the only people who believe that sort of high falutin’ clap trap, are those who teach The Ethics of Journalism to gullible college students. Which isn’t to say that the meeja don’t have a massive influence in shaping the opinions of the great unwashed. (Which is why it gets so much airtime on here.)

None of us are impervious to it, no matter how above the fray, our egos may convince us we are. Not naming names like…:wink:

True or not, many teams still claim to be inspired to put in an improved performance due to something that was said or written by them. Just think of how many people around here felt that Paul Curran’s comments before the league final helped Kerry. If there is a chance that this is true why provide a hostage to fortune?

Also having known a few journalists over the years, moral is not a word I’d associate with them.

You stick your head in the sand on this one and let delegate stick his head in the sand on the managers getting paid one.

i think after all the hooplah made about paul curran and a few remarks last year you cant blame the managment for tightly controlling what the players say. look at all the fun we and others had with aido “not saying anying” about the mayo managment malarky a few weeks back. that would be tiny compaired to a dublin player saying anything about anyone.

can you inagine the media meltdown had DC said that “we werent defending an all ireland we were attacking one” comment at any other time other than after he had his hands on sam again?

I’d put up with “robots not saying anything” over that.