Dublin Pubs - Gems, Dumps & Guilty Pleasures

Some cracking stories in the McGregor thread on pubs around Dublin! So give this a go

Name your

Dublin Gem - your go to spot for a lovely pint

Biggest Dump - The spot you go to if there is an apocolypse and no other choices

Guilty Pleasure - its dangerous, its dirty but ya just can’t help yourself!

RIP - Your favorite pub that is no more :sleepy:

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For Me

Gem - The Abbey Tavern Howth

Dump - Leonards Corduff

Guilty Pleasure - The Confession Box

RIP - The Sackville


Gem - Gravediggers
Coast Inn

Dump - Windjammer

Guilty Pleasure - D & Ns

RIP - Ned Scanlan’s


Somethings need explaining

Gem …,Mulligans Poolbeg street ,
Could have said gravediggers but have not frequented often enough for that to be an honest declaration

Guilty pleasure …The Gingerman love the place great pint , nice staff and has a local feel

Dump …,some pubs took a bit of thinking but this was very easy The Whitehouse Pub North Finglas went twice , years apart … got the worst pints of a Guinness ever served, twice ??? put the jax out of circulation for two days both times , wife barely forgave me

Gone but not forgotten…,Conways beside the Rotunda had a pint there after both my sons were born ala The Curleys ( Snapper)


And Martin Regan’s

Looking forward to a pint again sometime in Hartigan’s

Hartigan’s a good shop … somehow.

I think they’ve ripped down that whole block of Townsend/ Tara St so the newly built pubs of 25 years ago are demolished again.

An end to something mc turtles so

the yacht in Ringsend is a good shop

Yeah I think the Long Stone too or whatever. I worked there in the early 80s and you had Regan’s on the corner and Reilly’s back towards College House. They ripped them down and rebuilt them and now the whole block is gone again. Progress. Apparently.

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Used to love a pint in Conway’s on a Thursday night back in the 90s after buying CDs in Virgin or HMV. It’s a great loss to Dublin.


Gem…have to be boring and say Mulligan’s. Can’t beat it.
Dump…The International, it’s got worse over the years but it still has a certain je ne sais quoi or whatever they say in French.
Guilty Pleasure…McGeogh’s or the Bohemian…
a really good pub…not guilty at all really.
RIP…Tommy Wrights on Burgh Quay… downstairs of course where they locked you in for the holy hour.


Gem : Kehoe’s
Dump: The Furry Bog AKA The Sweaty Pig
Guilty Pleasure: The Dawson Lounge
RIP: The Bottlers Bank, It may reopen!!!

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In this pilgrim’s opinion there are no more pubs. The ‘pub’ as we know it ceased to exist when that little baxtard Covid appeared. At least we can take succour in the knowledge that we were around for the halcyon days of Dublin pubs. I don’t believe that pubs will ever be the same again. All is changed.Changed utterly.

Gem. Mulligan, Diggers , the hut
Dump - Doyle’s Phibsboro, brutal.
Guilty pleasure- are nt they all ! O Neills, pearse st
Missed - have to agree Conways is badly missed . Was about the only decent pub around tgat part of town.

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Great shop. Overspent many Friday evenings between there and Ned’s. Used to pop in when I went to the rugby games to see the lads but I believe they sold up late last year.

Good shout.

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What was it called before it became Tommy Wrights? Was it a Mooney pub or Madigans…

Madigans I think. And was nt it Messers Maguire as well ?

Twas - think it was The Galleon when Madigan’s owned it.

Yes, The Galleon. Fair play to your memory. There was a strange stairs down at the front of the pub just inside the door. Ground level was a tiny wedge shaped bar.

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