Dublin’s loss....Donegal’s gain

Thought I was hearing things when the radio said Brian Mullin’s son was playing for Donegal.

But turns out Nathan Mullins grew up in Donegal as a kid where his da was a teacher. Also explains the northern twang to his accent.

Was motm against Armagh. Will be interesting to see him against Tyrone in the final.

Good to have a bit of quality. And a good catch from Bonner.

Good luck to him. I’ve absolutely now issues with him playing for Donegal.


Wish him well, very good player and one of the few who’s chance with the Dubs was maybe affected by the recent success Vincent’s have had

Very good player. Wish him well.

Wish him well. Deserves an award for getting straight back up after jamsie beast mode shoulder. Still can bring added value to the Donegal team, and he seems very happy to play for them. Win Win.

Never realised he was on the receiving end of that belt…but saw the clip. Isn’t his father the mgr of St Vincent’s?

But fair f**ks to him for making that trip to Donegal. Clearly loves his football.

Not to sound sanctimonious…but when you see pics of Sanchez on a private jet getting paid £450k a week…compared to N Mullins driving up and down to Donegal…makes you realise the dedication of GAA players.

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Having lived there for 8 years as a kid, I’m sure it’s a second home.

We just need to get those northern vowels working on him…so we do like.

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And their reactions to injuries?

Ha. I read that!

After Mullins got up from that belt, there was talk of possible concussion.

Imagine had that been Ronaldo!

Hope Nathan continues to do really well. Once again it just goes to show what unfair resources Dublin have had at their disposal. :wink:

He’d still be down :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Interviewer: it’s going to be a big commitment driving up from Dublin to Donegal 3/4 times a week.

Mullins: well if driving is my only problem then we’re going to have a good year.

Incredible commitment. You wonder how that’s possible to keep up.

Either way, fair play to him and hope he enjoys his first UFC this season.

Another culchie in the Marino ranks!!!

A serious lack of vetting by the Dubs.

Where’s Trump when you need a wall for those hombres?

As for Mullins jr…we’ll have him spilling the beans in no time on what trickery yous are up to.

Shame he didn’t get a run this year as he had good game in the semi final and then did ok in the final considering the hit he took.

imagine if we were split in two , Donegal wouldn’t get a player like him !!!

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Shows the depth of the current Dublin squad when he can’t make their bench.

I’m sure he’s not the only one either.

While you’re in a generous mood…throw up those ‘ol McCaffrey and Fenton lads. PO box Gervaghey.

Was he asked out or considered?

Not sure.

But Donegal were cute enough to keep tabs on him.

What does he work at in dublin if he’s able to put in that shift? That’s a right hoof.

given 14 or so of the donegal training panel are in Dublin he wont be alone doing it

Surprised they don’t do what Mayo do…and have some of their training sessions in Dublin.

Or maybe they doing that already?