Dublin Senior 1 Football Championship 2022

The draw for this years SFC

Group 2 has some very tasty ties

Group 3 not much easier!


Very tasty overall, few good tight games there

Group 2 looks straightforward I’d have said

If Ballymun can get their shit together I’d agree, but you’d have to wonder the impact such a fecked up league campaign could have on them

Cuala are full of potential as well, could catch any of them early doors

Any of the four teams in group 3 could go through and similarly any of them could go out at group stages.

The rest of the groups all relatively straight forward

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How do the match up works? Team 1 v 2 & 3 v 4?

Depends when Cuala play Ballymun, if its the first game i think Cuala win that but with 5/6 good weeks training and they play in the last round id fancy Mun

Is it just me or is there a weaker look to that senior championship than previous versions? Weird seeing no Vincent’s anyway

Cualas value well over stated in my view

If Cuala have mun in 2nd/3rd game Mun take it i think but first game out Id fancy Cuala assuming not injuries to anyone named Con

Group 2 described as group of death on Dubstv but group 3 much more deadly in my book.

Crokes surely favourites again this year, Bmun always there or there abouts too.


Its just you. Maybe if Vinnies were there it would look weaker.


Yeah it usually is as they don’t do a draw for the fixtures.

Gr1 1 crokes 2 raheny
Gr 2 1 boden 2 mun
Gr 3 1 judes 2 naf
Gr 4 1 cknock 2 lucan
Qf 1 crokes v mun crokes
Qf 2 boden v raheny boden
Qf 3 judes v lucan judes
Qf 4 cknock v naf naf
Sf 1 crokes v boden boden
Sf2 judes v naf judes
Final boden v judes boden

Gr 1 tss v gr 2 clontarf tss relegated
Gr 3 skerries v gr4 lusk rtl relegated

Judes will struggle to get out of their group never mind make another final

You’ll be eating your words if they field their AFL11 South team.


When are the times and dates out

First Games are weekend of 6th/7th August I think.

GW2 20th Aug and 3 is 3rd Sep

Any games be played Thursday or Friday

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