Dublin Senior 1 Football Championship (SFC 1) 2023

Relegation Play Offs

Hard to predict results as each team slightly improved thru the group and will fight hard to stay up.

TSS if their county players Scully, O’Dell, O’Gara are fit and available will be a match for Sylvesters , who will need Alex Wright and Sean Guiden in full flow. Syls runners up SFC2 last year and playing Div 1 might just have have a better team ethic overall and a slight edge.

Whitehall after a good Div 2 league and reaching Q/F last year will be disappointed to be here, the 1 goal loss to local rivals Vincent’s at the outset put them on the back foot, although they put it up to Judes the last day out, a late goal helped the look on scoreboard. Will need Cormac Costello, Eoghan O’Donnell & the Gannon brothers in top form.

Lucan after a strong Div 1 league campaign we’re in trouble during their group and conceding 7-15 the last day v Raheny wont help their confidence, even though Harry Ladd & talisman Brendan Gallagher played well in first half. Hard to comprehend an experienced outfit in Div 1 many years being cut apart like that. External manager Dave Clare brought in this year. Hurling the priority in Lucan.

The SFC1 format has really developed into a good competition, fine margins.

Depends who shows up on the day in O’Toole Park, I’ll go for Syls & Whitehall to stay up.

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Just don’t think ballymun have enough firepower at all. I’d expect it to be close for 45 minutes and Crokes to pull away at the end

Think Boden v Castleknock could be a very good game of ball . Two teams who like to play football and have scored heavily so far .

Still fancy Boden by 4-5 points

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If Paddy small plays suddenly they will have a bit of fire power. Rock is also playing very well at the moment . Ballymun would want to get on top at midfield where Crokes are a bit lighter than last year.

Crokes firepower there alright though Dara Mullin hasn’t featured yet and would be a big loss in itself . McGowan was back for the last game to shore up the defence a bit

Castleknock are very dynamic up front . But not sure they have the defence to contain boden’s firepower . Boden have a lot going for themselves this year

Vincent’s and Judes to shade the other two games but could go either way.

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Re Whitehall . Costello sent off the last day straight red albeit a mad decision made by a linesman …2nd Gannon out for the year


what’s the story with Gannon

Lee’s brother picked up a nasty-looking injury in the second round i think it was, maybe the first round.


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That’s a huge loss . You’d have to imagine Lucan will be more arsed then the Raheny game

You’d hope threat of relegation would cause a bounce in performance of any team


Did his knee in Vincent’s game, big loss to Whitehall.


They’d need to be, they were so poor the last day.

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Is Paddy likely to be back? Could change the dynamic of the game as Mun looks strong all over but missing a Paddy Small-sized hole in the forwards.


Ticket link for games this weekend

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Reckon Crokes and Boden will get the job done even if it’s not pretty. Syls should have too much for Templeogue who have looked very poor during the year. If Costello isnt playing, that game becomes a lottery between 2 struggling sides. Fancy Vins for an upset against Raheny without Howard and Judes to grind out a tough win v Cuala

Lucan opening up at 9/4 vs whitehall surely money to be made there with costello and gannons brother out …

did you see Lucan in the last game? If you did you wouldnt put money on them.


I wouldnt consider vincents beating Raheny an “upset”. Its well within Vins to win this. Outside of Fenton, i dont think the crop of Raheny players are in any way exceptional. Though their season had been horrid til the Whitehall game, Vins are putting together a run with good momentum after scalping Na Fianna.

I can see Dunne and Mossy carving open that Raheny back line

Isn’t that a mad statement, Mun have James Mc in midfield, you would think it would be a given that they would be on top there!

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I watched it back and reckon Raheny had 10.5 goal chances over the game. Lucan were so open in the back.

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Guess that’s the point. Mun would want to win Midfield to get some sort of foothold. I’d say they will target that. Interesting to see whether J Small marks Mannion or Walsh. Guessing Mannion