Dublin Senior 1 Hurling 2022


How many teams get out??

Jaysus it’s going to be seriously competitive.


2 up 2 down unless a second team makes senior b final or Craobh are in the relegation position

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After the round robin competition the first placed team in each group will advance to the semi-finals. The teams finishing 2nd and 3rd in each group shall play in quarter finals.
2nd placed teams play 3rd placed teams (Group A v Group B) In semi-finals the higher placed teams will play the lower placed teams.

In SHC 1, SHC 2, SHC 3 and IHC relegation will be decided as follows: Team finishing 4th in each group will play team finishing 5th in the opposite group with the losing two teams relegated.


This is a proper championship

We’ve waited a long time for this


Every game will be super competitive , am I right in saying every senior 1 game should be played in Parnell park

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If they are resurfacing it perhaps

Surely Craobh favourites to top group B


And as only craobh can do they will probably top group A aswell


Maypark I’d have said

Were getting there!

I like this format and everyone in group b will fancy themselves to finish top!

The bye is going to have a major say in it, especially on double game weeks when one team will be fresher at the weekend whereas the other team would have had a tough game and will be carrying a few knocks no doubt.

Who gets through could simply come down to this especially in group 2 as it’s going to be tight.

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Great point Parish. The first two games are on July 20th and 23rd. Everyone will want their bye one of those days to avoid a double game week.

The least advantageous bye is probably the last game week? Whoever is idle that week will be the only team to play 4 games on the trot with no break.

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This is better. Exciting championship ahead by the looks of it.
In fact looking at all championships, it looks very competitive all round.

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With Timmy Hammersley now on board and a core group of players still there I would give Boden a great chance this year

True but I still fancy Crokes, and Cuala will always be there. Let’s not forget the promising NaF. I fear we could be left behind…


Any idea how the fixtures will fall?

Rushe is vital though

Just got these links sent to me. Group games have been fixed.