Dublin Senior 1 Hurling 2022


Was involved with an under age Vincent’s team for a few years a long time ago. Good team. Quite successful. Went playing friendlies all over. Had a great time everywhere. Except Laois. Wouldn’t go near the place again after one incident.


I was at the game alot of the ball carry on No 10 for Clough very lucky not to get a straight in first half straight dig with the hurley on BOC Bill was at it himself before but didnt cross the line the ref and linesman where other end of the pitch but everybody in the stand seen it .1st half was pretty good 2nd half not so much even though clough closed it to 4 at one point Crokes kicked on again and ran out pretty easy winners.

There was a big row in a National League game with Dublin about 20 odd years ago in a club ground, a decent number of the crowd got involved , there wasn’t even a railing around the pitch

Was probably the worst one I have seen at Inter County level, yesterdays melee in Parnell was handbags in comparison.


Battle of omagh you mean?

Row at GAA match outside Dublin = Melee

Row at GAA match in Dublin = Six 1 News


Hurling game in Laois

Some of the club hurling in Laois Conan makes an appearance

Crokes game is on TG4 this weekend.


Purcell named in the corner again, be interesting to see if he plays there.

Looks like he’s gone to midfield already

Hayes with a great run but shot on goal from a crazy angle. Crokes sloppy enough in possession so far, not like them

That’s more like it, good build up & score Whitley

Nice rugby tackle by 4

Who’s the funny man Co-commentating?

They’ll need to watch Marty Kavanagh.

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Eddie Gibbons looks like he could be Dublin keeper soon. Easy accurate distribution


How was that not a free on o’rorke

He’s a serious operator