Dublin Senior 1 Hurling 2022

I think the 10 team championships work well but there should be a return to one up and one down. You should only be promoted for winning the Senior 2, not for making the final.

So 12.5 % annual flux rather than 20%.

Ignoring which teams they are โ€ฆ

5 week intervals, byes, 2 games in 4 daysโ€ฆ

On top of the lunacy of 2 up 2 downโ€ฆ Turns senior b, C and inter finals into glorified challenge games


Plunketts and Brigidโ€™s hot favourites it seems to stay upโ€ฆ

Yes its not perfect and the fixtures should not include a double game week but we are seeing in the main more competitive championships. I think teams still want to win a trophy but yes, losing a final as is still has a reward with promotion

The issue I believe was they didnโ€™t want to commit to another round of fixtures by increasing the numbers

Both from a calendar perspective and a dead rubber perspective

Agree it needs fine-tuning, depending on whether this year was a one-off if that many lads are going to be away every summer then iโ€™d nearly push it all back a few months and ignore the calender year thing. Two up is probably one too many.


But there was another round with 10 teams just 1 group each side had a bye.

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Yep thatโ€™s a vey fair point

Would have said 2 very tight games to call

Having watched the majority of the big games heโ€™s been involved in the last 3 years I can categorically say heโ€™s had more than one good game

Not saying he should start , but not a fair assessment there


At club level?

Iโ€™d be giving Hedgo another go at intercounty not sure heโ€™s ever got the consecutive games needed. Different option to what we have and not like we have full forwards queing up.

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He is well worth a good run of games for Dublin. He is a handful for any fullback and he knows where the posts are.

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Hedgo is the type of player that does enough at club level to think he warrants a try a county , the reality is that he be ate alive at full forward. Lacks pace , strong but not ruthless enough. Good club player and good enough to be a county panel member.


But so long a county panellist already debatable what change there could be at this stage to make him good enough to start. Better investing 2 years in a younger model to my eyes


Here hoping for a couple of good games today, championship has not really caught fire yet.

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He was brilliant the other day but unless that is the norm rather then the exception then it doesnโ€™t mean a huge amount.

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Correct and he is 30 and has never been close to making a regular starter at county despite being in training panel for years and years.

Time to move on an try someone younger more mobile and more consistent. .


Youโ€™ll be waiting.

Itโ€™s tomorrow.

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