Dublin Senior 1 Hurling 2022

Because it’s pointless for a relegation match in my view

Maybe the Ukrainians would lend us a few Howitzers for it

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Yes :+1:t2:

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This is going to be close enough imo, nafianna with a few back but so have Vins

And we’re off - Pierce Christie & Madden started … Crummy gone to FF

Mellett gone to midfield as expected

Entertaining game so far

No Hammersley big loss

is he?

Yes. Top free taker and been strong all year

Hasnt had much impact from play that i’ve seen anyways, Paul Ryan is a decent back for the frees. :laughing:

Nice fetch and score from McDwyer, Luke walsh marking him. Paul Crummy nearly kicked a goal but it looped over for a point.

Durkin to Keaney for a nice score - the aul lads still have it

Goal Boden! McMorrow!

And a swift one for Paul Ryan to follow up Boden 1-07 to 0-05 Lucan ball into the forwards is not great.

Colm Walsh with two nice long-range scores from midfield Bodem 1-09 to 0-08

Very entertaining game so far, much more cut to it then what i’ve seen so far anyways.

Luke McDwyer is impressive, that pace is such a weapon but well able to catch a ball as well.

Colm Walsh with three good scores from midfield for Lucan.

Highlight of first half for me was Lambert’s sideline cut , straight over the black spot. One of the finest skills in the sport, always great to see.

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What age is Lambert ?

CC 2-06 OPER 1-08 at HT

Must be 32?