Dublin Senior 2 Football championship 2022


Group 1 has the making of some good games

Parnells & Vinnies in the same group is a good derby game

Group 3 & 4 have the makings of some good games too I think.

Good draws overall

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G1 - OPER & Mearnog
G2 - Ballyboughal & Vincents (But i think Parnells might pip them)
G3 - Fingallians & Maurs
G4 - Sylvesters & Brigids

OPER & Vincents going to see how hard it is to get back to Snr 1

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Regardless of where Vinnies are at you’d surely expect them to win this outright

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It’s never that easy. There are a lot of solid teams in Senior B.

Which ones

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Syls and fingallians for two anyway

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Add Plunketts to that list. Vinnies realistically 4th/5th best team there.

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I seen Vinnies in the league and they were much better than ibwqs expecting. Id have themselves and Syls as favourites

I’d have vins a good bit of plunketts. Vins will get back up competitive in senior A before too long and before plunketts.

Tide looks to have turned in plunketts, where they’re now a better hurling club than football


Agree with this, they will rely massively on Bugler

Sylvesters are in which division though ….

Vincent’s and Syls will go up if the draw works out

Vinents are still ahead of all them judging by results
And player quality

Parnell’s Vs Continuity Parnell’s.


Wont be as good as semi final in Croker 1987

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I was only 2 so I’ll have to take your word for it :rofl:

We’ve gone down this road before of “expecting” hint hint Cuala.Very good draws