Dublin Senior 2 Football championship 2022

Vins have a good chance of going well in this.

Any idea why Ted left mun?

Surely Vins are out and out favourites for this? They seemed to have steadied the ship and have a lot of the older guard back as well as a good crop of young lads


Would certainly be my favourite for it, saw them in league a few times this year and they looked like a team getting ready for a good run at Champo

Surely you’re not considering fingallians as potential winners ?

:+1: , Is Flynn still playing

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Think he living out that way now. Doubt he playing senior though don’t think he was on their second team.

It was mentioned on here he had a falling out with the Mun senior manager. Ted still well able to play, he kicked 1-4/5 against Raheny during the league for Plunketts, by ways clearly their best player that day.


Ted had a rough time off the pitch too . Great to see him back playing ball


Vins 3-15
Mary’s 0-11

Syls 2-18
RTC 1-14

Pats drew with Mearnog. NM 1.16 Pats 2.13

Olafs 3-17
OPER 2-7

Ballyboughal 2-6
Nell’s 1-6

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Anne’s 1-19
Maurs 3-19

Felt like a bigger margin watching it.

Fins 0-14
EI 1-10

Got the same re Maurs, from a spectator.
2.13 to 10 at HT

What tally did Ciaran Archer score for Maurs?

He wasn’t playing


That’s a pretty impressive tally to put up without him. I would think Ciaran Reddin featured heavily.

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Thought plunketts were one of the favourites

Fingallians very lucky to get away with a 1pt win , 2 crucial decisions wrongfully swung in fingalliams favour, influenced by Fingallians umpires both ends

Dont see how , Maurs , Syls & Vinnys are top guns

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