Dublin Senior 2 Hurling 2022

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Again, that looks like two very tight groups, this is going to be epic.

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Ill go Faughs Whitehall final


Faughs and Whitehall will be happy avoiding each other in the group. All of the second teams in group B is an interesting one.

I will go for Whitehall, BSJ and Castleknock in Group 1 with Faughs, Thomas Davis and Crokes B coming through Group 2.

Think Castleknock will give this a rattle I know they are playing Division 3 but that’s as much down to Covid as anything else

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Have some good players alright, should be in the mix you’d imagine.

Faughs going very well in D1, they’ll be hot favourites. Whitehall with the county lads all hurling be hard stopped too. Castleknock outside bet for the final?

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Starts next week

Very hard to call these TBH, would like to see Faughs win as they’re against a second team.

From what i saw this year and i am not a betting man but Faughs are starting to look like a really good side for me they should win it beating Whitehall in the final
So Balinteer to beat Whitehall in the first game


A lot of it will depend on how many lads are away on J1s or travelling and if dual players are “allowed/decide” to play. If Castleknock have Kilkenny and Swan they will give anyone a game in this. Whitehall hurlers seem to suffer more than most with dual players at this stage…I’d imagine O’Donnell will play club hurling although it is common, to see lads trying to break onto football panel drop hurling…lets hope that is not the case. Faughs I think and hope will win it…purely because they are fully focused on hurling and are producing their own players now.


Yea, exactly, dual very much going an ongoing challenge for Whitehall and Castleknock and like you say, the J1s will be a potential spanner in the works for clubs as well, especially if a few go over together.

Hard to see Whitehall offering any challenge when they couldn’t even field for this last two league games. You can’t just flick a switch for championship.

I’d say CK are dark horses and will fancy a right rattle at it

Will 3 inter county football players make a difference ?

If they all play? Lee Gannon didn’t last year if memory serves me correct?

Faughs & Castleknock for me, don’t know what’s happening with Whitehall, certainly would have been my favorites after their performances over last couple years. TD & NAF could be dark horses, TD have some excellent young hurlers now involved (a lot of duals though), heard NAF 1st & 2nds training as one panel, they can’t all tog out for the first team.


Dissapointing that Powers haven’t priced this up this year. They have done in previous years.

To be honest it’s a good thing. One less thing for someone to bet on.


Are tickets needed for Senior 2 games?

I doubt it as they’re all in Club grounds, unless Club’s charge in.