Dublin Senior 2 Hurling 2022

Whitehall CC v Ballinteer St. Johns now in Cloghran at 7.15pm.

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Good win for faughs

Whitehall 1-23 BSJ 3-12


EOD play? Costello?

EOD ya, Costello no

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Full Forward

I think the teams who had a bye last night will have a big advantage this weekend. I would expect Castleknock to beat the Barrs and Thomas Davis to beat Crokes since both are coming in fresh v teams who played tough games last night on hard pitches on a warm night. Very difficult for lads to turn around and go again this weekend. Similarly, the teams with a bye this weekend will be glad of it.

Bye has started well โ€ฆ

Why are they doing it that way. Seems unnecessary

Looks like an unexpected consequence of showing the team who has the bye in each round โ€ฆ

Crokes full value for their win, wasnโ€™t a great match with a heavy downpour not helping. TD will be very disappointed.

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Finbarrs 3-12 0-18 castlenock

In hindsight I think this was a disadvantage for TD and Castleknockโ€ฆ

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Castleknock a good side fast and physical.

There goes my theory out the window anyway. I thought TD in particular would beat Crokes. I know the Crokes league and championship panels are different but they have two walkovers in AHL2.

No shortage of players tonight anyways.

Any team sheets?