Dublin Senior 2 Hurling 2022

Dillon do much damage for Fionbarra?

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Any sign of Ciaran or Swan for Castleknock

Ye, scored 2-5 or so. Including an incredible goal from an impossible angle.

Canโ€™t have been from an impossible angle if he managed to score it !!!
Maybe he had help from a possible angel ?

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Nope, I can confirm it was an impossible angle.

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TD Very poor

Some of the young crokes players very good

Gerrity FB - very good
Gibbon must be goalies brother CB - fast
O toole mid - tasty
Veale think he is only 20 at wing forward - big man - fast as a hare and very strong - speaking to Na Fianna mate after game v crokes, they could not handle him Was he on any dev squads ??
Hatt CF - seen him on Dubs development squad - growing into good player
Competition hot at crokes
TD I am sad to say never got to pitch of game - 9 down at HT
Talking to some of the lads and they felt crokes may have started faster due to game wed. before
We are not out of it yet

The crokes no 11 was impressive and dictated a lot of the play and he was been marked by Waddick too. Crokes are a good athletic team , all can hurl. But TD didnโ€™t play anywhere near their best, the next round will tell a lot.

Yes TD looked sluggish . Will definitely improve. Young lad in white helmet for crokes in forwards was good, went off injured. TD need games. Midfield and half forwards strong.

is Sean Purcell on this team?


Tables minus the byes

Group One

Group Two


Faughs v Crokes on Aug 13 is going to be a very interesting/important match. Both on 2 wins but Faughs beat NAFianna with a huge scoreline whereas Crokes only beat them by 3, might not mean anything when they meet.

In group 1 Castleknock face a very important game v Whitehall, theyโ€™re in need of a win. Table-topping barrs have a potentially tricky one v Balinteer. the point difference shows how tight this group is.

A win for TD against Boden, and a probable win for Faughs v Crokes could leave it all down to Boden v Crokes in the last match? Can see Faughs winning every match and TD Boden and Crokes going in to the final fixture on 2 wins each. Expect TD to beat NaF which leaves the superclubs battle it out

Hard to call group 1 ties, possibly Barrs and Whitehall for the wins in group 1

Faugh v Crokes are 1 v 2 so will be interesting, faughs running up bigger scores in the games to date.

Is that Faughs regular ground or is that their traning pitch?

Anyway Senior 2 Hurling Predictions

Ballyboden 2โ€™s
Whitehall Colmcille
Ballinteer St Johns

Most of these should be pretty close ties. Castleknock v Whitehall the pick of the round for me in Senior Hurling 2. Hard to get a read without knowing whoโ€™s missing for Castleknock at the moment and who is in the squad. They did win Senior B (what is now Senior 2) last year of course.

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Osprey has been their main pitch at the back of Tymon while the front pitch was being resurfaced

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Presume itโ€™s on the main pitch?

If finished you would think so