Dublin Senior 3 Hurling 2022


I don’t think the referee will be sending the reporter a Christmas card.

It’s a pretty pathetic take

On this Saturday

6 Bray Emmets (WW) v Naomh Baróg (D) Sat 26.11.22 Venue 2 1.30

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I see Trim (Meath) beat Danesfort (KK) in the quarter-final.
Wicklow v Dublin and Meath v Offaly are the counties whose clubs are in the semi-finals.
Best of luck to Naomh Barrog.

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Trim should win on Saturday. Tullamore more focused on football. Trim have potential to be like Naas and become a powerhouse of hurling within meath.


Trim have long been one of the stronger hurling clubs in Meath.


Primarily to Oulart it would appear but Barróg may also be hit.

Bans of up to 12 months handed out for Parnell Park row (irishexaminer.com)

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Much bigger population than most of the traditional hurling clubs. Ratoath coming too.


Quality stuff from Fogarty …

Sub headline
The Irish Examiner understands a minimum of six bans have been issued to players

Second para
The Irish Examiner understands a minimum of seven bans have been issued to players

Inflation …


Barrog with one player suspended for one match.Also heard their keeper is out after sustaining a shoulder injury in training during the week.He will be a big loss

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Great stop in the shootout.

Best of luck to Barróg tomorrow - a Leinster final would be awesome.


Bray won division 4 handy, is their leauge team much different to the championship team?


Best of luck Barrógs.


Best of luck to the barrog men would be some achievement to get to leinster final.


Yes very very different

Just seen bray favs i know they dont have county players for league . But barrog div 1 they are div 4 . Thought barrog would be ahead of these or have they a load county lads would be great for a dublin club get to a leinster final

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They have around 7 on the county panel. John Henderson at 6 and Mikey Lee at 11 both good hurlers

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Jesus up against it so . Hope they do it