Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship 2016

Hey lads,
Any updates on the Championship so far this year? When is the next round of games? Who’s leading the way? Any standouts or surprises?

So now that the Dubs are out, will this be played off in the actual summer or are we looking at running the whole thing off after the footballers are done?

Column B. Calendar says 24th to 26th September for the third round of group games.


Update from DCB :

Following fixtures of the 24th July the season will break for the August Holiday period with fixtures resuming (Hurling championship and league back matches) on August 9th/10th and 11th with Hurling Championship quarter-finals and relegation matches on weekend 13th / 14th August. Fixtures for these dates will be issued following Hurling Championship games this week.

Does this include Senior A? Could catch a lot of clubs on the hop if it does.

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I would imagine it does Alan, if you consider there was a lot of Hurling Champo on last week. I’d say most clubs would be ok as Dubs Footballers next game down for 6th August.

The issue is holidays. If senior A is on that week it’s five weeks earlier than the calendar people have been working off since February said they were going to be.

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As fair as Ino that doesn’t include senior A championship but I could be wrong

We had our game against Na Fianna called off in the Inter champo due to 21’s, now the back match is fixed for that Wednesday which is 3 days before the 1/4 final. Our opposition in the 1/4 final don’t have a game that week and will be fresher on the Saturday.

Any news on re-start dates?, what are the club champo implications for 1) Dubling beating Kerry 2) Kerry winning?

Lads any confirmed date when the senior hurling championship starts back ?

Crokes won the 7s again. Which is good.

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Hard to believe that Dublin were knocked out on July 2 and this is starting up again Sept 21.

Were it says Dubs TV on that list … it means?

So it means

Which is great - shame they chop the highlights down to a few minutes, would be brilliant if they showed extended highlights, or, even the full game.

Would imagine they don’t show the full game, live or deferred, as they want to get people to actually go to the games, more people more €€€

17 posts in 9 months - interest levels are spectacular

ha. to be fair the new site only went live after the last round of games, so there’s been nothing to talk about really as miraculously there’s not been a match since may.

Why don’t they play fixtures for teams who are close to O’Toole Pk in O’Toole Pk.