Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship 2016

… but they could use it to market the SHC. The crowds are pretty small anyway till the semi and final. Would be bloody great to be able to watch some of the matches for those of us away from Dublin

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I don’t disagree with you Tayto

I was at a Bunscoil final recently. The crowd was very small.

Hard to be interested in something that’s played months apart. Wouldn’t even recall the group standings on for the hill 16 site it’s that long since it was played

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Exactly. Can’t remember the groups hardly. And now it’ll all be played off far too quickly.

You’re now going to have to fit in final group game, 1/4 finals, semi final and final.
With the 1st round Senior Leinster down for 6th Nov, Intermediate on 5th Nov and Junior for 22nd October.
Lad training with us from Tipp and they’re already at semi final stages. And Tipp just won AI…

Exactly. We were knocked out ages ago.

Simple solution, county players need to be released to clubs. Sure football Champo only at round 2. It’s a very small window for fixtures, and puts a lot pressure on players.

What players are they holding this Champo up for? Diarmo & Con are the only ones I can think of.

Crokes had Rory but he’s gone?

No one else hurls that I can think of

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Two players . Farcical

Don’t think it was being held up Brogan, on the original master fixtures list it was always down for these dates. Think it just could’ve been played earlier due to Senior Hurlers going out of Champo.

I see, it’s a crazy system. Hurling is a summer sport and lads spend their whole careers playing the most important games under lights on cold evenings. Really does nothing to prepare us for county stuff, slogging away in a cut up Parnell and O Toole Park.

The footballers are always going to be involved in to August so I can understand it there, but we need to be realistic when coming to planning the hurling. Were not going to be playing in August for the forseeable future, we need our championship to actually develop our players not hinder them.

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Just a few thoughts;
There isn’t any real interest in hurling at Co Board level, we’re primarily a football county and that’s it. The Club hurling championship could have included a break and then should have progressed after the Co Hurlers exited the Championship, regardless of County footballers, its ridiculous holding it up for one or two players. We need to bite the bullet here. The earlier championship game between Vinnies and Ballinteer didn’t have a linesman, the standard of refereeing in Dublin is appalling, possible one or two acceptable. The whole marketing of the championship is poor. I would like to see the Kilkenny championship setup used in Dublin for a few years, On the bigger picture there are two many competitions in the calendar year, a good Minor / U21 player is pulled all over the place between County / Club / College / Duel Games. Plus the Co U21s were training far two long the last 2 years.


It has been proposed but voted down.

Agree 100%. Less teams for top players is paramount, so that each team can have a season worth talking about.

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Vinnies look like a very well prepared team, warm weather training in Portugal etc. Cuala not firing on all cylinders.
Any idea what Paddy Power’s odds on Vinnies are?

Nowhere near enough to put any money on them. Cuala are the league champions and have 9 senior inter county hurlers and multiple u21 and minors as well - not bad for not firing on all cylinders

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Jaysis warm weather training in Portugal
Some teams are struggling to keep enough sliotars at the training sessions!.

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What does this do now to the senior hurling championship with the county footballers drawing ??

Ah sher we can play it off over a week in october wha

Should play it off whenever it rains next weekend and make the intercounty lads play!