Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018

Anyone hear anything about the draw?

Is the draw this week? Heard it may be tonight

Anyone here anything or they just gonna cancel the whole championship becoming a bit of a joke now

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Heard the draw is 2nite

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County board meeting at 8pm

Any word on the draw ?

Dublin Hurling Senior 1 Championship - Group 1:

  1. @StVincentsGAA1
  2. @RahenyGAA
  3. @OTooles_GAC
  4. @clgnaomhjude

Dublin Hurling Senior 1 Championship - Group 2:

  1. @KCrokesGAAClub
  2. @NaomhFionnbarra
  3. @clgNaFianna
  4. @WColmcille

Dublin Hurling Senior 1 Championship - Group 3:

  1. @CualaCLG
  2. @StBrigidsGAA
  3. @Bodengaa
  4. @craobhchiarain

Dublin Hurling Senior 1 Championship - Group 4:

  1. @GAALucan
  2. @CrumlinGAA
  3. @setantaGAAClub
  4. @gaabsj

Groups 1 & 3… Now that’s Championship! Groups 2 & 4… Meh, Forgone conclusion!


Group 3 is some group.


Not so sure. Boden and Cuala almost certain to come out of that group.

I’d beg to differ, good Brigids team that are improving all the time and craobh in championship are a different animal some nice young players there also, they both no there underdogs but will love that.

I wouldn’t object to the county board fixing group 3 games in the same venue on the same days… I think hurling would be the winner!


Did Whitehall just get promoted this year ?

Craobh are on their way out. Nothing coming up at all. They won’t figure. Brigids are not going to take either Boden or Cuala. Think it’s a more predictable group that others to be honest.

Is the first round of the hurling on the 7th & 8th April and do we know who is playing each other in the first round?

Cuala,BB, CC and Brigids…This is the only group that will be hard to call. They will all fancy their chances of knocking the other.
The others are pretty much foregone…

This year. Some excellent young players coming up.

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Of course Boden and cuala are favorites but How many years are people on here saying that about craobh but yet they keep doing it they have had a few Dublin minors and 21s come trough recently, brigids are the same with Dublin minors and 21s growing all the time , we will no by the end of April if your right, don’t be always doom and gloom about things Alan.

Anyone know if there were any seedings for the draw.
Just seems bizarre that 4 teams that reached the quarter finals last year ended up in the same group.

Vincents Kilmacud Cuala Lucan