Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2019

And a grass pitch beside it.

We’re delighted to finally get a Senior A game in Broomfield. It is a great pitch and the decision to fix it for Broomfield is testament to the great work being done by members on our facilities


Free in I presume?

It’s a great set up there infairness. Played on the all weather not so long ago.

Can anyone on here ever remember a Senior A Championship match being played on an all-weather pitch?

Is it not on the grass?

Cant see it on the all weather. The 65 is the half way line - too short imo for SHC.

Dublin championship games have been played in Alfie Byrne Road, Kiltipper Road, Pairc Ciceam, Bray Emmetts, Russell Park, Ballinteer CS over the years. Connacht Senior Championship games are played on a synthetic pitch every year! What’s the problem? I’d rather play on a synthetic pitch than some of the rock hard grass less pitches of last summer or some of the hills or bogs that are around at the moment.
It’s the same pitch for both teams, the best hurling team will probably win!

you sure about that?

about what? the 65 being the half way line? Yep, it is,

Why would you assume that the game is not being played on grass pitch, weather permitting?

Thanks for the reply but I asked about about Senior A Championship games.Personally,playing on an all-weather wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.

Less than a week away now and really looking forward to this years contest. Any predictions?

Crokes to beat n.a. fianna.
O Tooles to beat Faughs
Vincent’s to beat SOPER
Craobh to beat barrs
Boden to beat lucan
Whitehall to beat setanta
Judes to beat BSJ
Cuala to beat St Brigids.
Only close game will be o tooles vs Faughs.

NaFianna might push Crokes?

Crokes v Fianna - Expect a close game, however the result will be irrelevant in my opinion as I expect both teams to qualify and think Crokes will go further in champ anyways.

O’Tooles v Faughs - interesting, Faughs with youth and some decent minors over last few years versus experience, I think Faughs to prevail.

Vincent’s v SOPER - Expect Vins to motor well this year and 2 pts in the bag. Dont be surprised to see OPER qualify from group.

Craobh v Barrs - Yup, expect a frantic start to the game with CC prevailing in the end as experience and constantly playing at a higher level to influence the win.

Boden v Lucan - losing their first 3 games in league and facing current champs at full tilt, only one result here.

Whitehall v Setanta - I expect it to be close and the closer it is at the end the more hunger Setanta will have, if its classed as an upset, I’d favour Setanta slightly here.

Judes v BSJ along with whitehall v Setanta this could be very close.

Cuala to beat St Brigids - Cuala will keep Brigids at arms length for the whole game.

Fancy Faughs to beat Otooles in a very tight game

And neck on the line Na Fianna to catch Crokes out

Overall prediction…stick with Vincents

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Faughs to beat o tooles
Cuala to win it out right

Daly has left Crokes?

Any of these been shown online?

He was managing them for the first league match as far as I know. Has he left in recent weeks?