Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2019

How’s that new Tipp fella getting on at Cuala? The Tipp U21 manager from last year.

Not as far as I know, I thought there was talk of some involvement with Antrim or something. Just remembered it there.

Won their last league game well.

Heard he’s brutal, his keeper keeps getting sent off :joy::joy::joy:


Only the once, so far.

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He’s only in the background with Antrim, the way Liam Sheedy was previously. Don’t imagine it to be anything like management or coaching. AFAIK it is on an advisory basis. Will stand corrected but thats my understanding


Makes sense

I also don’t know about having left Crokes. I certainly hadn’t heard that one

An assumption on my part, nothing more to it. i guess you could call it fake news.

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Trump Off!

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Championship starts back today.
Here is my predictions of round one
Vincents / Plunketts - not by much, I expect Plunketts to make a game of this.
Craobh / Finbarrs - few broken hurls in this one!
Crokes / NaFianna - Can they finally get the hump off their back?? Time will tell but im goin with experience in this on.
Faughs / O’Tooles - anyone’s game really!
Judes / Ballinteer - either could win in a league game but an in form Danny could be the difference.
Cuala / Brigids - possibly game of the round. This one will be close.
Setanta / Whitehall - O’Donnell could beat Setanta on his own
Boden / Lucan - Boden will be too strong for Lucan who are falling back slightly year on year

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Faughs 6/5 and Whitehall 1/2 good prices with Paddy for those of us who like a flutter.

Accumulator of my predictions above will get you 6.76/1 with Paddys

Is there a special on the broken hurls?

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Appreciate that it is good to see coverage of our club scene anytime but a 10 year old could have wrote that article.

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Yea, better than nothing but hardly all that insightful. Pity the heddld wouldn’t hire the lads from grassroots to provide proper coverage.

It’s jaysus baltic here and blowing a gale so great night for the first round! :tired_face:

Still €5 for students tonight ?

You sure?

Your not a student :joy::joy: