Dublin Senior Football '2' Championship 2021

Was Paul Flynn and Oisin Lynch neutralized? How did they go?

Good win for Annes away to Boughal

Mearnog 8-4 winners v peregrines

Sounds like a Jim Mc Guinness match

Small pitch you having a laugh :joy:


I have never heard Isles pitch being called “small” before. Isles were the better team by far. Well done to them .


Cracking game , very defensive I will grant but both teams defended excellently

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Any word on the Cuala game v Maurs ?

Cuala won easy

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Can’t find any info yet of how Con (if he played) or Archer did.

Heard Con played and got four or five points

Do you know were the main scorers or goal scorers were for Cuala?

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Conor O’Brien 2-2, Con O’Callaghan 0-4, Diarmuid O’Fionn 1-0 pen according to the Indo/Herald for Cuala.

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Was there any herald reports ?

Didn’t see any Monday

There’s a Senior B/Intermediate round up here. The actual herald from Monday/Tuesday might have more info. Not sure if they post verbatim on the website what they do in the actual paper. You’d have to ask someone like @Stato82 that has it online.

The Fingal Independent sometimes gives reports on the Fingal region teams too. (Fingallians/Maurs/Ravens/Ballyboughal etc.)


Nothing in Herald . Seems copy and paste of Indo. Herald with Dublin section on Tuesday only positive coverage on Dublin GAA. Indo coverage is dire. Don’t even publish results of each county and little match reports from county championship on a Monday now. The examiner on a Monday great coverage of club games in Cork and Kerry.


Senior B Round 2 Predictions

Biggest surprise wins in the first round came from Erin’s Isle and Parnells.

Ballyboughal v Trinity Gaels: Ballyboughal
St Annes v St Brigids: Brigids (Great win for Annes in the first round and they could keep it tight.)
Templeogue v Erin’s Isle: Templeogue
St Sylvester’s v Fingallians: Fingallians (In desperate need of a bounce back.)
Cuala v Naomh Mearnog: Cuala
St Maur’s v St Peregrines: Maurs
Fingal Ravens v Naomh Olaf: Fingal Ravens (Least sure about this one though. Similar to Fingallians this is a must win for Ravens)
St Mary’s Saggart v Parnells: St Mary’s Saggart