Dublin Senior Football 2 Championship (SFC 2) 2020

Just saw draw. Would it be St Brigids TSS and Cuala favourites to go up or am I wrong? Is it finalists go up again?

Depends how brigid regroup after a bad year last year, cuala favs for me

Brigids in a tough group - two other Div 1 teams to cope with. John o’loughlin heading back to Laois too.

Is Paul Curran over Cuala?

I’d definitely heard that somewhere too



In a managerial capacity, PC has had more clubs than Tiger Woods.

Wouldn’t consider him a golden appointment.

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I think Cuala been so successful at hurling hampers their senior footballers. I think Paul will do a good job not sure who has gone in with do.

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Managed TD 08/09

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Think a stint with Marks too…

What are the groups for this does anyone know?

Groups and fixtures up on Hill 16

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Why bother ?

I suspect a lot of the top teams won’t bother entering, if they do they will treat it like friendlies , probably play under 21s etc

Don’t enter so


And what should those players do? Nothing, sit at home on your arse by yourself and watch everyone else get to play because you can’t get promoted this year. Fck your mental and physical health all you’re good for is promotion. Players who have volunteered in their communities for months shouldn’t get to play just because they can’t get promoted. Or alternatively play your u21s and leave your club stalwarts and long term players on the sideline no hassle.


They should be playing for promotion to Senior A simple, that the whole concept of the senior B championship, nothing else.

Maybe they should go off and play another sport, probably a competitive one.

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Right so any player playing in the senior B championship exists purely for promotion to senior A. No other reason whatsoever okay great.

You’re right send them to another sport. Tell them to volunteer with another organisation when people are in need. Get them to start their kids off playing a different sport and to help coach them playing that different sport.

Perfect because playing GAA should mean nothing to them only promotion.

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pontificating nonsense

In your opinion of course