Dublin Senior Football 2022

No moaning about refs or media coverage😜. What are our prospects for 2022?

Nice to see some of the players relaxing and taking it easy on social media. Take a break and recharge for next year.


We are a bit in thr dark regarding 2022 fixtures but if we assume that it’s back to normal I wouldn’t have half the starting 15 from the mayo match starting a game before Patrick’s day. I would be subbing them in OK, but the three who were plainly not match fit two weeks ago would be given extended leave.

We have plenty players to get us somewhere in the league and first matches in leinster and the dead rubber super eight. I still belive the 15 we put out last week is the enst starting 15 in the country, we just have to give them a shed load of rest. I’d be telling them to mind the diet a bit but no exercise at all in the three weeks after their club campaign finishes, and take it from there. Some of the players can be looking at 5 months off for the first time in a long time which they need.

Our fabled bench came about becuase new players shifted older ones onto it. We need to be able to get two or three players who can allow dessie to bench a quarter of the current starting 15 in “secondary” matches but bring them on in each of those matches.

For all the preiae mayo got (deserved) even though the GPS and the vests were telling the backroom the grim news the fact is that even blowing it out of their holes we almost beat mayo. Fully fit and a few new faces (or not so new) I’d expect us to be favourites next year. Depending on the semi pairings (I expect us to get that far at least and directly) I’d expect us to be in the final, and it could be mayo…


A good run in Leinster would do me.


You must be looking for the managers gig …

Preserve our Division 1 status would do me.

We have but one priority and one only:

O’Byrne Cup respectability.


We have not won this since 2017 and are now third on the all time list behind OBC specialists K**e and Mh.

Have to start with baby steps

Maybe I should amend my thoughts to hoping we retain senior status or don’t end up in the new Pat Spillane Cup :blush:

We need to get back to the bottom rung of the ladder. Can’t run before we can crawl

Lads lads, let’s not get carried away. If Dessie can get a new maor uisce in that will do me :wink:

Yeah but the maor uisces at underage are not as good as the ones they’ll be replacing. Very poor reutn.

very good article on sports joe with cian o sullivan

That didn’t go too well did it? :confused:

Ah jayzus…serves me right for taking the piss !

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Found this quiet corner to escape from our collective angst re injuries ahead of our upcoming semi v Kerry.
Here’s a question to perhaps distract from above matters for a moment;
If you were to have the opportunity of spending an hour in Parnell Park (few mins kicking ball around on pitch followed by the culinary delights of the Naller Siopa) with 1 SF player selected from our panels back to 2010 - which player would you like to spend the time with (and why !) ?.

Answers on a postcard or post below please.

all heroes on the pitch have met a a good few over the years in the course of business and some don’t always come across the way you thought they would. that’s fair enough says I. don’t ever meet your hero’s they say. but the one man that stood out to me over the years is Dennis Bastick. an absolute top guy. Another is Michael Savage. Couldn’t take to Tomas Quinn. just couldn’t. Deano a gentleman along with his club mate Philly. same with Kilkenny. Alan Brogan sound.

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Can I cheat and say Jim Gavin?

An enigma wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in a whatever…

Met pretty much all of them when I was employed at a certain Jones Rd establishment in 2018.

But if Colt 45 were put to ceánn, I’d say Jack Flash or Kev Mc…for no other reason than they seem savage craic.

Didn’t go with Clucko for 2 reasons:

  1. It’s the obvious answer
  2. He’d tell me fcuk all !
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Whatever happened to Paul Conlon? I was trying to think of some of the lesser-known lads who have been around the panel. I remember him starting a couple of games in 2011 but then never heard or saw of him again.

Mick Fitz would be the other one, I feel like he is vastly underrated for someone whose been a mainstay since 2011 basically, going for his 9th All Ireland this year but doesn’t get the same plaudits Jamesie does and he’s not someone you ever really hear from.


We had your tendency to cheat already priced-in @ProudDub so you’re alright !!