Dublin Senior Football A Championship (SFC A) 2019

Draw done just there. Nkt sure how to post pictures but group one is tough

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I think tough for group 1 might be understatement :joy:


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Mother of god .

Jaysus is right!

The others are all easy … :fearful:

Group 1

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This was hardly an open draw was it? Id imagine some sort of seeding was involved so NaFianna would have been a 3rd seed?

Open draw might be the last year of it :joy::joy:

Sure there’s only one ‘seed’ in the other groups!!

only the semi finalists form last year were seeded. after that open draw

Is it 2 teams relegated now?

Would have to be looking at Clontarf & Plunketts/St Brigids for that?

Two teams since when?

The group of death!

Thats what I’m wondering, last year it was only 1 down/1 up because Senior 2 (No Snr 2 relegation) only had 15 teams. Wondering if its 2 up/2 down now that Snr 2 is filled

Certainly group one fixtures could be interesting depending on when played. One of the big three there could be gone before April is out.

Quote from the regualtions this year below.
says that 2 teams relegated but only says winners will be promoted so usual clear as mud from CB

The winners of all Championships (except SFC and Intermediate All-County) shall be promoted to the next highest grade for the following year unless a team from the same club is already competing in that grade (and the winners of the Senior 1, Intermediate and Junior 1 Club Championships shall represent Dublin in their respective Leinster Club Championship.

The bottom team in each championship group shall compete in a knockout competition semi-final (open draw) with the two losing teams relegated. A shield competition for 3rd placed teams in groups may also be arranged.

guess we’ll find out at the end of the year :joy::joy:

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Are all championship draws done tonight?