Dublin Senior Football A Championship (SFC A) 2019

Will be an interesting group. Ballymun are usually very efficient in the early rounds of Championship, and would imagine they get out of the group. The thing with the NaF / Crokes is that both teams will mostly be made up of lads that played each other consistently up the age groups, Na Fianna would have had the better of those battles so shouldn’t fear Crokes and may give them a good go.

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I’d argue that Inter country players will be fresh and fit and eager heading into their summer program. They will do well for their club in April

First round fixtures

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Not from Lucan, but what a drive on a Friday evening they have in store!

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Handy enough got to.
Would be more hassle getting to Parnell

Much more hassle.

I wonder how Thomas Davis will fare in the A championship? They have earned their place now. Hard to see them beating Jude’s but will maybe fancy their chances against a SOPER team that maybe has missed their chance. Raheny, with their Dublin contingent, should be too strong for TD, however.

It will be very difficult for Raheny to integrate the two lads back in seamlessly and as good as they are it is hard to beat the week in week out training together. I think Thomas Davis will finish 2nd in that group

I think it’ll be a toss up between TD & Raheny to get 2nd, they beat Plunketts last year & they lost by 3 to Crokes while missing 6/7 starters including 1 Brian Howard. I think Raheny with Fenton commanding the game will be hard to beat, the man seems to get better every year. Was at their game v Mearnog on Sunday and his leadership is something they badly miss.

Raheny are a club team with 2 of the top 10 footballers, nationwide. A county team would miss each of/both Fenton and Howard.

It seems a bit premature to label Howard as one of the top ten footballers in the Country. Fenton has proved it over the years and was rewarded with POTY last season. Howard did not win Young Player of the Year and there are more established players throughout Ireland who must be ahead of him in the “Top 10”

The Saturday games in Group 1 in Parnell Park are live on Tg4.


Top Player lucky to have him. But not on the top 10

I agree. Excellent player and he will be a Dublin great over time but for now players like Cooper, Cluxton, McCaffery, Kilkenny are ahead of him and that is just the Dublin Panel.

Top 10 for Howard is a stretch, despite how good he was last season.

Even now I have no doubt that Brian Howard will become an all time great - something I have said for a long time now.


As all round footballers go, not a stretch at all

All opinions, lads. We have yet to see the best of Howard because, from a Dublin perspective, it hasn’t been required. For me, even from what I have seen, he is top 10. He is an automatic starter, at a young age, on the greatest team ever. If we were to pick 15 players that have won All-Irelands under P Gilroy and JG, he’s in there for me.

Was a farce Howard did win YPOTY. I would have nominated ahead him of Jack McCaffrey who made POTY shortlist last year.

Off top of my head as in footballers just purely my 10:

Keegan, McCaffrey, Kilkenny, Fenton, Clifford, McManus, McHugh, McBrearty , Cluxton,McCarthy… Not exactly went full tilt analysis there but still a fair few more ahead of Howard for me.