Dublin Senior Football A Championship (SFC A) 2019

jack played himself into the running with his semi final and final performances. That is what ends up swinging the votes. Jack was man of the match in the final.

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Jack was brilliant up in Tyrone too. Just thought based over the whole season(which doesn’t apply anymore) Howard deserved nomination.

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All great players, in fairness. And the list could go on. But I’d still have Howard in the Top 10.

Game of opinions chief. Not a ridiculous call in my book to have him in, just not close to top 10 for me. Will most likely be in the near future.

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Michael Murphy , Peter Harte

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On my radar, I didn’t want my Donegal bias to shine too brightly!

For me, the way I look at this to imagine a draft style scenario where all players in Ireland are picked based on the player they are today!
There is no way you are picking Michael Murphy (legs are gone), i think Keegan is diminished with injuries…McManus is 32.

If it’s for one year, then some of these names are probably just ahead.

If you were looking to build your team around one player into the next 5 years or so…It’s Fenton, Kilkenny, Howard, Clifford, Harte…

The other thing that is also really hard to determine is how good certain players from smaller counties would look in say the Dublin team, with mnore talent and less double teams on them…historical examples like Declan Brown, Mattie Forde and more recently Heslin, Dan Flynn, Quinlivan and the likes.

A good point for sure but i don’t think people would have drafted Clifford out of minor ahead of McManus or others mentioned even though he was a star for sure last year.The established best players have earned the top spots and its for the young guys to show through consistent performances year on year that they are ready to take over. Don’t get me wrong, i share everyones excitement towards Howard but to say he is currently in the top ten players to me is a stretch.

When you back diarmuid :blush:

I’m just doing a bit of one to one with Bryan at the moment. :wink:

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Murphy’s legs are gone?

Good one that!

Murphy is class act . Donegal are a completely different team with him in it , that’s a mark of s truly great player . He’s been the main man go to man for years . IMO legs far from gone . Mc manus is best forward in Ireland 32 or not


Good to see you included a Dub :rofl::rofl:

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That’s five you listed. :slight_smile:

It was the order of my “Draft Board”, not sure where in the first round I am drafting yet…

Good, reasoned argument to the contrary there…

IMO a 29 y/o with 11 intercounty seasons under his belt, at that size, will wear down…and he has.
I believe he looked less mobile last year and this limited his positional flexibility from previous seasons where he would come in and out from the square with more regularity depending on the flow of the game.

My point was would you rather the 29 y/o described above or the 21y/o ascending star…no contest IMO

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I think for next year alone , you take Murphy for sure. For the next ten years, the answer is Howard.

Over time you want the younger player… wasn’t the point made though, the current top 10 players.

Murphy had a good scoring year last season, and yes his fluidity of trying to play 3 positions can’t keep up, but the depiction you made of ‘his legs are gone’ are that he cannot do a job at the inter county level.

Subbed on last week and kept Donegal’s promotion hopes alive; still a class act.

How should raheny be to strong for Thomas Davis, they’ve two class players but Davis would have a stronger panel I think, Davis havnt had a good start to league but looking at the team they had out against ballymun last week they only had 3 lads playing that started the B championship semi final and final from last year. I think it could be the closet group, too hard to call.

Our lads played Skerries in Clann Mhuire’s grounds a couple of seasons back on a miserable Friday night in the championship. Took an age to get there. It’s a bit strange that these games can’t be fixed somewhere more suitable for both sets of clubs.

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