Dublin Senior Football A Championship (SFC A) 2019

playing in the middle of nowhere should suit judes with all the country lads :wink:


Well played :joy: We’d only the 3 that day though so at the time it didn’t suit us.

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It was miserable cos ye had 2/3 sent off if I remember correctly too :joy:

Jaysus, relax will you. I only expressed an opinion. :+1:

Sure after the recent big Euromillions win in the Naul, I hear that they’re going to divert the Metro North line, so that it will now stop at Clann Mhuire’s ground. Should be no problem getting across town midweek, once that’s finished! :wink::wink:

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Friday evening peak-time, northbound on M50/M1 is manic, N2/M2 isnt much better at that time either. Aiming to be there probably for 6.30, ya’d want to be on road by 5

Ah no bother- just work from home that day - Lucan/Clonee/Ratoath/Ashbourne /Garristown - 30 mins max!!!

that was the night the Vincents ref decided to send lads off for fun wasnt it

I just asked how would they be to strong? I’m hardly freaking out

McMahon handy enough also

Howard & Fenton currently on the Dubs, McMahon on the outskirts.
Conor Talty who played a bit with Clare when he was with Parnells

Looking at Raheny lads on previous U21/Minor Dublin teams in last few years, from what I can tell, they should have 7/8 lads with AI U21 medals (excluding aforementioned lads) & another 6/7 who were on minor panels that won Leinster.

That 2011 Dublin Minor team, I think Raheny had 7/8 lads on that at one stage?

*(http://www.raheny.gaa.ie/news/football-news/untitledpost - 4 lads on Panel for AI SF + 2 on Squad. Fenton was on the panel at some stage but was dropped, there was probably even more than 7/8 seeing as this would have been from their team that got to the Div 1 AI Feile Final)

Not aware of any country lads/outsiders on the team? (Talty grew up in Raheny I think so not much of an outsider)

I’d say if anything, Raheny have probably underperformed in recent years in the championship for the calibre of players they should have available to them now.

Had a look at their team that played Ballyboden last year & went digging, serious amount of lads who won U21 All Irelands.

MacAuley sent-off late on but 4 goals help Ballyboden to win over Raheny in Dublin SFC - Squad List

-1. Ryan Bradshaw - ?

-4. Chris McElhinney - ?
-3. Sean Byrne - '11 Minor Dublin
-2. Rutherson Real - '14 U21 AI Winner

-5. David Shatwell - '10 U21 AI Winner
-6. Sean McMahon - '17 U21 AI Winner
-7. Darren Byrne - '17 U21 AI Winner

-8. Brian Fenton
-9. Conor Talty - Clare Football/Was part of that Parnells team

-14. Eoin Keogh - '10 + '12 U21 AI Winner
-11. Brian Howard
-10. Michael Grenham - ?

-13. Aran Kelly - '17 Minor Dublin*
-15. Simon Duignan - ?
-25. Gavin Ivory - '14 AI U21 Winner


18. Robert Diffley for Shatwell (28)
17. Sean McCarthy for McElhinney (inj) (half-time)
22. Sean Grenham - '17 Dublin Minor for Keogh (48)
20. Ciaran Heapes - '11 Dublin Minor for Michael Grenham (53)
19. Darragh Keogh for Kelly (55)

- Glenn McNamara who was Dublin Minor in 2015 & U20 last year is missing so assume he was injured

Biggest thing that sticks out for me though is the age profile. I’d guess most of them are under 27/28? doesn’t seem to be a whole wealth of experience there. I think the talent is there, it’s just a matter of time for them. Seems to be a strong core there so in the next 2/3 years as the younger lads get a bit more experienced who knows.

One thing that was evident against Crokes last year, (when they were missing 5/6 starters) the drop off between their best 15 & subs is quite big I’d imagine. Think they only had 4/5 subs on the sideline that night anyway (not great for a must win SFC game) which definitely killed them when they pushed up in the last few minutes, just didn’t have the legs to squeeze as I remember.

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that is a very good point but when you play a style of football that a team of excellent players are so defensive that they are only short of reversing off the pitch, you cannot expect it to progress… since losing playoff semi final in AFLD2 in 2017 (just after playing in a Senior B final) they have lost 11 of their past 19 games!! suggests some problems

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I wouldn’t look too much into league results when talking about Raheny in C’Ship, when Fenton & Howard are there, they’re like a completely different team. Very young squad so I’d imagine they’re hit hard in the summer with holidays etc, probably for the best they didn’t win that playoff semi final.

I wouldn’t agree with calling them a defensive team but we’ll see more about that come championship I guess.

forget fenton and howard who would be an incredible loss to any team. still have 7 all ireland medals in their team as well as other players with intercounty training/experience… massively underwhelming

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Agree with you there, definitely underachieved bar making the Senior B 2 years ago

Only thing I’d be wary of is, its all well & good being able to sit here, looking in and seeing all these medals & thinking ‘these lads should be savage,’ there is definitely some issues undermining them. Could be poor commitment, bad management, egos, all of the above, who knows.

If they managed to get whatever the problem is sorted, there is definitely scope for Raheny to become a challenger for the next few years.

absolutely and it would be fantastic to see

Will they be sharing the pitch for Syls v Na Fianna & Raheny v Thomas Davis

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Only for the 2nd half!


O’Toole Park for the Davis match at 5.15 on the 13th on www.dublingaa.ie