Dublin Senior Football B Championship (SFC B) 2019

Ref can change his mind so long as he hasn’t blown for the free/penalty to be taken. Once neutral umpires then it’s fine. Saw a county game where team scored a point, ref was allowing it but umpire called him in, told him there was a foul play so score not allowed and a free out given. It’s in the rules.

I’ll bow to your superior knowledge on this one Ron, but I was definitely told before (by a former intercounty ref) that the umpires could not adjudicate on matters such as foul/no foul, only the ball crossed the line, or over the bar etc, and off the ball incidents…cant remember the exact wording used, but i think the term “technicalities” was in there.

I think it is covered here under Control of the games match officials:
‘To consult, on a needs basis, with a linesman or Umpire(s) - where neutral - in order to establish matter of fact’

This part of a rule covers the fact he can change his mind ‘Once the referee has given a decision and has sounded his whistle to restart play, he shall not alter that decision.’ i.e. once he didn’t blow for the penalty to be taken he can change his mind

Clear as mud!

Yes - this is it.
Ball over the line or not = fact.
Was that a foul? = opinion.

As you say, not exactly clear…i guess if the right decision is reached, then fair enough.

don’t care anymore after judes let down my accum :smile: )

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Yeah I can see where it is unclear but as you say they seemed to have gotten the right decision in the end

Same boat as myself


Disagree completely with they got the right decision, from where I was it was stonewall penalty, as I said previously ravens players didn’t dispute penalty, I am not disputing the right team won ravens were the better team no issues or gripes with outcome , the ref in question I personally don’t have faith with , he reffed a game in our club once a play off for an u16 league game against Margaret’s , with three mins left to play peregrines up by 4 points he blew up as he felt not sufficient light , both ourselves and Margaret’s went ballistic, but he wasn’t for turning, allways feel there’s drama to be found when he officiates

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If its the ref that was down to do it your saying he reffed a play off game with his own club involved? :thinking:

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Correct original ref didn’t turn up and he stepped in

Result can sure still be found on Hill 16 div 3 about three years ago


We won the replay , id forgotten all about him till we played Ravens in first game of the season and a few of the auld heads with memories like elephants spotted him , nope he’s not on the xmass list , I’m sure every club has at least one guy they dread taking to the middle

How was the Darren Daly vs Eric Lowndes matchup?

Eric didn’t play , Daly did well but seemed to play within himself

Oh is he (Lowndes) injured right now?

Yep has been for a few weeks now

Did Cluxton play?

Towers lusk @8-11 looks a steal against pats. Does Anyone think pats could turn them over?

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