Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018

Group 1:

  1. @KCrokesGAAClub
  2. @Bodengaa
  3. @RahenyGAA
  4. @plunketts_ie

Group 2:

  1. @StVincentsGAA1
  2. @SkerriesHarps
  3. @GAALucan
  4. @clgNaFianna

Group 3:

  1. @clgnaomhjude
  2. @gaabsj
  3. @StSylvestersGaa
  4. @ParnellsGAA

Group 4:

  1. @BallymunGAA
  2. @StBrigidsGAA
  3. @CastleknockGAA
  4. @ClontarfGAAClub

Group 1 looks very nice indeed.

Vins V NaFianna again!

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Vincents Na Fianna again…

Gives them a chance to finally beat us :smile:

They should be the two to come out of that group. Group 1 is a horror!

Hopefully we can hold them off for another year !

Group 4 could also be interesting , Castleknock Brigids is a big one

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Have to say looking across all the draws for the different Championships, this is the most excited I’ve been for the start of the championship. Plenty of interesting and competitive groups.


Order of games will be key:: if it’s 1 v 2, then 1 v 3, then 1 v 4…

Vincents and na Fianna could be 2 for 2 before they meet so that match will be dead rubber.

Also ballymun could now have 2 tough games before the break and they’ve always been worse hit with reps on dublin panel.

OPER have done something in previous life. Awful group.

Also Great …regardless of the varying groups that all players get min 3 games and most 4.

Ah it’s coming eventually. But they probably need to do it soon!! Or risk becoming like Mayo :wink:

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Don’t see Thomas Davis there?


Going to be a some serious games in groups 1 and 4.

Will they be relaxing the rules on what pitches can hold matches? Just fenced / ropes off. I’d imagine that they’ll not be running all the extra hurling and football A games through PP…only downside of new format is more trips to o Toole Park.

O’Toole Park is a beautiful piece of 70’s architecture.

They got a bye to the knockouts, wouldn’t be good for morale in the county to see them destroy a round robin group

If Vincent’s and Na Fianna come out of their group, I’m assuming they can’t meet in the quarters but could they meet in the semis?
I.e. is the semis open draw?

When’s fixtures out group 1 and 4 tough



870’s more like!

Wonder will it be ran like the Super 8 format.
1 home, 1 away and final game neutral.