Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018

Games will be in neutral venues i would think.

Jaysus Ballymun always get a handy group.

Is it an open Quarter Final Draw or is there a format?

Ye the fixtures will be pivotal . Especially group 1 and 4 you could have 2 top teams gone out of championship in April

Q/F Draw will be seeded.

IF you win your group you will be drawn against one of the other 3 2nd place teams (you can’t play the 2nd place team from your own group).

S/F will be an open draw

The fixtures in each group will be as follows

Rd 1 1 v 2 & 3 v 4
Rd 2 1 v 3 & 2 v 4
Rd 3 1 v 4 & 2 v 3

Looking at that in group 1 boden play crokes then plunkett’s :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: tough assignment

Na fianna Vincents don’t meet till last game you would imagine both will be through .

Ballymun v brigids and castleknock first 2

What happens if teams finish level . Point difference or H to H

Head to head, hopefully… otherwise you might have one team needing a big win in their last game against a team already knocked out…

Head to head first

I’d say Harps would happily swap with Thomas Davis after that draw!

At last we can discuss the draws themselves, the match-ups and not all the other shite that was talked about previously.

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I think its worth commending DCB on bringing about the change.
Most saw the benefit but even more so now that draw has put names on the groups and match ups.
While it was obvious a change was needed, that doesn’t always lend itself in the GAA to change happening.
They also stuck to their guns re:appeal.


Anyone know what happens to 3rd & 4th place finishes?

3rd place are done after the three group games.

4th place teams go into the relegation play-off.

Wondering how Plunketts and Raheny ended up in the same group. Seeded 9 and 10 so should be no way they are in the same group.

Only top 4 were seeded for draw I think.
rest were seeded just to be in top 16.

R1. 1v2 & 3v4
R2. 1v4 & 2v3
R3. 1v3 & 2v4

3rd place teams play in a shield competition