Dublin Senior Football Championship B (SFC B) 2018

Group 1:

  1. @StMarysSaggart
  2. @theislesclg
  3. @Peregrinesgaa
  4. @tomasdaibhis

Group 2:

  1. @FingalRavensGFC
  2. @Palmerstown_gaa
  3. @Fingallians
  4. @roundtowers

Group 3:

  1. BYE
  2. @naomhmearnog
  3. @NaomhOlaf
  4. @stannesgaa

Group 4:

  1. @CualaCLG
  2. @Tempsyngest
  3. @StMaursGaa
  4. @WColmcille

How is there a bye?

UCD gone ?

Thomas Davis for the win?

All jokes aside, they have heaped the pressure on themselves.

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Who won intermediate last year?

N.a. fianna

Senior 2 on Twitter instead of Senior B. Is that to appease Thomas Davis?

are ucd fully gone not in inter either :confused::confused::confused:

I heard with new layout, there’s a separate colleges competition. One entrant…”here’s the cup lads, congrats, now ■■■■ off”


Same as hurling down as Senior 2 but the cup says B :wink:


Group 4 looks the most competitive of the lot

A potential winner be gone

is it still one up, one down? If so, No relegation this year. Which means no relegation from Inter either.

Group 4 is really tough . Arguably 3 teams that could be in A championship

At an early stab at who will qualify:

Thomas Davis
Erins Isle
Round Towers
Fingal Ravens

I think my lads have a chance of finishing 2nd in their group.

I’d have them ahead of Erins Isle

TSS with a full squad have a chance. Anne’s will struggle

Davis/ Marys
Towers/ ravens
Olafs/ mearnog
Cuala/ tss

surely maurs would be one of favs