Dublin Senior Football Championship (SFC) 2017

OP/ER will get an early sense of money well spent or not.

Brigids v Peregrines interesting. A few hidings there too … :grimacing:

Hidings every year -the format doesn’t work - should be senior A and B from the start like the hurling

OPER have got bad draw comming from the B championship - but Boden ( like Crokes a few years ago when OPER beat them from the B) have got a shite one also

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Love an ould shite draw . One good game and several hidings in store

Raheny v Cuala should be tight.

I can only see 2 maybe 3 hidings, the rest will be close enough I reckon. Not that bad!

You’re one is an interesting one Harper. Will ye have enough for the Intermediate champions?

Castleknock v TSS might be interesting. Clontarf and TD also.

I have 8 at least .

Same here - Ballymun and Crokes. It could have been an awful lot worse.

Na fianna


20-23 April

8 at least or only 7??

Seriously though, Harps wont hammer Fingallians, not with Flynn playing
Na fianna, maybe, Olafs a team on the up though, could surprise
Ballymun yes
Crokes yes
Vins yes
Brigids, not so sure, should win, but not a hiding
Judes yes too, so I’ll give you 4 hidings out of your at least 8/7

Syls will beat Anne’s well to.

Brigids will win very easily


Div 3 v div 1 ?

Na fianna will be a different animal this year

So is it at least 7 or at least 8?

Brigids with a full panel will have far too much for perigrines, Perigrines have lost numerous top players of late and may struggle to stay Senoir imo