Dublin Senior Footballers 2018

Anyone mind if i create a new topic exclusively for the Dublin footballers in 2017

Fingers cross, no retirements yet. I’d assume the likes of Bastick hasn’t made up his mind yet. It would be great to see him go again if he feels he can give the commitment once again.


Heard two raheny players called up

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Brian Howard definitely being one anyway

I presume that Jack has been asked back and that we won’t be seeing Rory back (if ever again).

heard Ivory was too

Is this for the full panel or to fill in for lads going on the team holiday?

Couldn’t be be the full panel. With due respect I think this is an O’Byrne Cup/Blue Stars development squad.

Evan Comerford (young goalkeeper) also called up.


The heir to the throne

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your senior club manager will have to bite the bullet on that one soon.

That’s the “secret” keeper you were talking about before :joy:. If he’s half as good as you described him as we are in safe hands for the future :clap::clap:

Comerford is good alright, excellent kick out. I could see Savage getting a couple of years before that though…

I can’t because Comerford’s kick-out is miles better

Hmm, ok.

All depends on when Cluxton goes. If he decides to not play again then Comerford could get straight in with Savo tied up with Vinnies. If he performs well then who knows.
I think it might be a couple of years early to be first choice tho, no harm getting him involved in the squad nice and early because he has serious ability.
Does he have 2 years left at U21 still?

Comerford has 3 years at 21. Only 18

Amazing ability, at such a young age anything can happen from here. He just needs to keep doing what he is doing, there is no point in rushing a kid into one of the highest pressure positions in GAA. A couple of seasons at U21 and training with the seniors will do him the world of good.

What happened to the other minor keeper from Ballymun that played Dublin minors last year then Comerford took his place. Does he play adult football? Cumberton?

@Rochey Is he anything to Paddy Comerford ?

Hard act to follow for anyone who steps in but its happening sooner rather than later whether we like it or not . All depends what vision or plan Jim has for the future . Does he want to cement his own legacy or prepare us for life sans Clucko ? Stephen could force his hand & decide to walk away . I imagine he would hate to bow out possibly losing a semi or final . He will stay on if he still has the , ahem , hunger . If we were to get knocked out , I’d prefer at the semi stages for selfish reasons as id be gutted for him to lose a final .But sure these guys want to win everything & believe they can so maybe a loss at the semi would be just as disappointing for them too . Have we ever done a three in a row ? Back in '20s or something maybe ?

Should be using to league to look at Evan Comerford, Robbie McDaid, Shane Clayton, Colm Basquel, Niall Scully, Aaran Waters,Graham Hannigan and Shane Boland. Its now or never for Emmett O’Conghaile, Conor McHugh Gavin Burke and the 2 Shane Carthy’s under current management.